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Progress pt 13

I have decided that I am putting Nowhere on hiatus for an undisclosed amount of time. There are things happening in my life that need to take precedence over the music. Unlike the last time I put this project on hiatus, I will be keeping the pages up for you guys. I am not exactly sure yet as to how long this absence will last, but I will assure you, you will know when Nowhere has returned.

Thank you all who have supported Nowhere over the last 4 years, you all mean the world to me and this project. This is NOT permanent. Nowhere will be back and better and blacker.

Hails! \,,/ -P

Progress Pt. 12

Sorry about the delay between blog posts. Things have gotten insanely busy here. Just to give you some feedback as to what is going on here, we are now almost ready to unveil song number 1....almost. Still need to get the drums worked out and get the timing right followed by getting the bass, second guitar parts, synths and vocals laid, all in all the song is looking amazing.

Riffs for song 2 are coming together nicely and brutally. This song has a real thrashy vibe to it and sounds awesome! Quite proud of this guy actually.

AND.....you ready?

Song 3 has begun. Yes ladies and gentlemen, we are 3 deep in the album. Song 3 is none other than a rewrite and reworking of "Plague Upon Thy World" off Divide, Conquer, Destroy.

Why rewrite this song?

Well, I am very proud and very happy about how the original came to fruition and I genuinely love how it sounded, but the quality of the work was less than perfect. Off all 9 songs on Divide, Plague and The Engineer had the most promise. Plague however showed more promise than any of the songs on the album and is a far better choice in the long run. With Roberts precision on the drums coupled with the songs extremely black feel, Plague is going to simply kick more ass. Riffs have begun to come together for additions to the song and one other thing..... there will be new lyrics making this song more intense...

There is a saying that says "Art is never complete, it is improved." this is the case.

I cannot wait to unleash this on the world.

More at 11


Progress Pt 11

The guitars for Song 1 are finally structured and sound incredible. This is the blackest I have ever sounded and am damn proud of this monstrosity Nowhere is creating. This is only element 1. Element 2 is getting the second guitar parts, drums, bass and everything else on it. So, I would venture to say we are about a quarter done with the song.

More at 11, but first sports..

Progress Pt 10

What an epic fucking weekend! Lets start with the obvious, Friday's practice was immeasurable with the progress made on the first of a few pieces going onto "Et Ira Dei." The core music is nearly complete, we just have roughly a handful more sections to go and the beast will finally have some life! Hoping in maybe 2, possibly 3 more practices Song 1 will be complete and ready for synth parts. As it stands, we have pieces for a 2nd song already being built, and the first is almost complete! This is amazing! Sunday we got to see Abigail Williams, Erimha, and Xenothropic at Leon's Lounge AND got to chill with Erimha and meet Sorceron! This was bad-fucking-ass!

More at 11

Progress Pt 9

Good morning people!

So last night Nowhere released a special 8 song compilation of some of the absolute best Nowhere songs spanning the 4 year life of this project as a one man act entitled "In The Beginning." This is a special album release for me. I wanted to wait a while and release it, but decided that this is the perfect time to do, especially since there is no estimated time for the release of "Et Ira Dei." We are still working very hard on this. We want this release to be perfect. Especially for the loyal fans that have stood by me since day one of this projects inception. Thank you for being there. And please enjoy "In The Beginning" as here later today it will be available as a free download. A link to it will be shared on facebook


Progress Pt 8

So, we have an official, never to be changed album title for the release being worked on. The name we decided on is "Et Ira Dei." This is shaping up to be an intense, hard hitting album. We do not have titles for the songs yet. Only working titles. As it stands there is 1 song and a couple of riff ideas in the works. Number 1 is half way organized and near record ready and I am telling you, this is only the first actual song of the album and it is one of the heaviest and fastest songs I ever wrote. This has been said before, but I need to mention that to lead you here. Number 2: Intense, heavy, brutal, and extremely cut throat. The drums worked out for both are some of the most blistering blast beats and arrangements I ever heard Robert play. I have heard him with 2 bands over the course of 13 years and I never heard him like this before.

In conclusion: Et Ira Dei, this is going to be a damned sadistic release.


Progress Pt. 7

Whats up y'all? Just wanted to pop in and let you know, we made a lot of progress last night. What was wrote yesterday was most likely the most awesome thing to ever come out of my guitar since I started playing. Believe it or not, we may be on the way to finishing what I originally called The War (gotta love working titles) I am actually calling Song 1, just until we get a title for this beast. There are a number of elements still missing, but the core of the song is nearly complete. 3 years of labor and time have finally paid off. I owe a great deal of thanks to 3 people and 1 band and SBT for the mass amounts of inspiration for this coming to life. The first on that list is Sara. You have been sooooo very patient with me throughout this projects life. Without you, I would never have bothered picking up the guitar and Nowhere would have died after Joe was axed. 2) Robert and Laura. You two have been a major driving force for me musically, as well as in life in general. Robert, you have been my best friend for over 11 years and this past month has been amazing. We are on the verge of greatness with this. And Laura, thank you for taking care of Robert and being a badass at the same time. You are awesome. 3) I have to thank Emperor. Although, technically, I am not 100% sure if you are still a band or called it quits, either way this album I am personally dedicating to you guys. Your music has taken me to a place artistically I never would have imagined possible. This album we are working on is dedicated to you and I hope you guys will take a listen when the opportunity arises. Lastly, I want to thank StillBorn Twins Records. You motherfuckers are the best thing to happen to Nowhere since beer and Jägermeister. I love everyone of you guys like family and we need to get together and have an SBT Festival and soon.

\,,/ More to come \,,/

Progress Pt 6

How are you today?

Hope all is well.

Ok so progress for lack of a better term is at a stand still. I am hitting a point in writing where writers block has taken a toll on me. I have chunks, no music, just chunks of songs wrote. These are 4 separate chunks that sound really great, but the issue is filler. That has been the number 1 thing wrong over the last few weeks....fucking filler. I am at a loss. I want to get this done, but it seems like something is keeping me from moving forward in this and I cannot for the life of me figure that out. Oh well, this better be amazing is all I can say.. I will let you know.


Progress Pt. 5

So last night into early this morning, Robert and I conceived the beginnings of 2 new songs...these are pretty damned vicious sounding pieces with a very surprising tone to them. One is a wee bit more technical than the other. Robert and I should have these ready to record with Dark Sequence and Templar here in the coming weeks. So far, of the 4, Dark Sequence is the only one ready for full blown recording, drums, and vocal laying. This one is the simplest of the 4. Templar's guitars are near finished. I have a few more tweaks that need to be ironed out and that one will be ready in a day or two. Templar is sounding extremely brutal and heavy, almost borders Nowhere with blackened death. These other two are tuned back to E standard. They have a fierce black sound to them and are quite fast and pretty technical. I love it. Keep you posted


Progress pt 4

Greetings and many Hails!

So, effective this morning, schedule is clear til January 6, as far as school is concerned, to focus on the upcoming Nowhere album! This is good news. I started to work deeper on the next song we are calling Rise of the Templar. The riff work on this song is far more technical than I am used to. And very worth it too. FUCKING AMAZING! We still have one recorded version of it as we speak, but not perfect enough. Not yet. Thus, we write. I am going to hammer this out, get a rewrite timed, practiced, and recorded, then passed to Robert, go from there. Then off to the next. So far, Templar is a very heavy, very menacing, and pretty black sounding piece. More details as they come soon.