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They Wait

Just one week since driving down the road, behind in the tail lights the regular office job, the standard life we are all told to aspire to, and ahead in the headlights... who knows?

So far, I am laying groundwork, so many things undone over these last years, so much time consumed by the day job, the travel to and from, so much of my life eaten away in that fashion. So now, I have to catch up.

Meantime, they wait. The guitars, the mic, the bass. Knowing that soon I will pick them up and there will be hours upon end with no interruption to practice my craft. They wait - the songs, half done, begging to be completed, wishing to be free to run and roam, to bring tears and smiles to listeners. But for now, they wait.


Their time will come soon.


Stepping away, stepping out

Have decided to step away from my regular full time office based job and go back to freelancing, offering work in audio, music, video, 3D, animation and more. Time to step out and live life and have more focus on being creative!

Also signed up for Camp Copperhead, very exciting to get 4 days of songwriting teaching from Steve Earle himself. Bloody hell, is all I can say to that!

Tech Talk Reprise

Jamstix's problem was solved by running Cubase as an administrator. Everything else works fine when run normally, but Jamstix needs that elevated status! Anyway, fully up and running now - next up, finding how to mesh Toon Tracks and Jamstix together!

Also, booked myself a slot at Camp Copperhead, 4 days of learning songwriting from Steve Earle himself. Does it get better than that, given the sheer craftsmanship that goes into his songs? Ought to be a whole ton of fun too!


Upgrades upgrades upgrades

Techie talk! Done some upgrading lately -got CyberCommander so I can edit, save and move around sounds on the CyberTwin amp, which I am totally getting back into using. Not recording off of it, though I might I love the sound so much, lovely clean and crunch Strat sounds.

Also got EZ Drummer thanks to a sale, and liking it better than I thought I would! Going to see how it works alongside Jamstix, getting the latter to improvise some over the existing MIDI, if I can figure that out as never done it before.

Also upgraded Cubsae to 7.5, which cost money bah, but does come with enough cool stuff to be worth the $50. Has borked Jamstix though, so trying to figure out how to make that work again *sigh*

Got three or four songs that are partially in development so need to settle down and finish them off. Look for the results of that over the next few weeks (along with any feedback on how I iron out the technical issues!)

What every songwriter needs

A beard!

Life has been unusual as ever, and although I have a couple of songs in progress, I've been stalled by not enough practice time to do them justice (and ok I confess, by buying new gear and getting sidetracked playing with it rather than working seriously to finish up my next track - gearhead, what can I say?)

Did snag a photo of my new friend, the aforementioned beard, along with my two old friends, my guitars. If life is kind, on my next days off I'll be able to set to work on getting my next track done. Have been torn between plectrum or fingered, and fiddling with the drum sounds, so I have been working on it despite evidence to the contrary!

Mix tweaks

Done some small tweaks to the mixes of the existing three songs. Now returning to work on other new material too.

New song part 2

Still on track to post by the end of today (that is, before I go to sleep, which will be after midnight so don't take "today" as being by the calendar!)

I did re-record the bass line, to make it simpler, as there's a lot going on. All parts are now recorded, and the next step is making it mesh together into something of a mix.

New song in recording

So today and tomorrow I have big plans. First is to lay out the structure of my favorite song of mine, by copying and pasting the parts from the draft.

Phase 2 will be to wipe those parts out and re-record them all the way through so that there's no repetition or "cheating" going on. Then I will need to write and record the bass line as Phase 3.

Phase 4 will be the re-recording of the vocals. And then of course trying to mix it all into something listenable. The goal is to have something I can post online tomorrow.

This will be complex though as it is two acoustic rhythm guitars, one power chord electric, one melody electric, one solo acoustic, one bass, the drum track (thanks Jamstix!), one vocal line, and one harmony vocal line. Assuming I don't add a second electric guitar solo into it (but I don't think I will.) Quite the largest number of parts for one song that I've had to work with.

And yes, it still sounds good if just done on one acoustic with one person singing :)

Amongst all this I have to finish up laundry and trash - I will avoid integrating those into the audio though, they don't suit the mood.

Wish me luck!