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Barry Morrison / Blog

What Was The Purpose?

In Barry Morrison, you have this great singer-songwriter who cares little for anything connected with the music "business." Although he obviously cares about the song he happens to be writing at the time, singing at the time, or the audience he's performing for at a particular time, my question is this: What was the purpose if he wasn't going to follow the traditional Nashville music business model? I don't understand it. Why play at all if you're going to chose to remain anonymous to the vast majority of music fans and settle for so much less than you could have had? L. Miller, Memphis, Tennessee

Barry Morrison
Barry Morrison  (about 1 month ago)

I appreciate what you have to say, but I haven't followed the "commercial" country music you hear on radio for years because, frankly, it bores me. I decided, early on, that I would submit to only a few things in my life: My GOD, the law and my own conscience. I haven't always been true to that philosophy but I've tried. Honestly, I had only two real opportunities to record for a major label. I listened to what they had to say but didn't want to buy into spending a lifetime singing songs I had no interest in singing, that we're chosen by someone raised in New York City, who had never seen a cow. Lol I never bought in to the traditional Nashville music business model. Other than GOD, the law and my conscience, I pretty well chat my own course in life. I write what I want to write, sing what I want to sing and perform the music I want to perform when I want to perform it. I've never had any regrets. It's a good life! I do appreciate your input.

He's More Than a Singer

"Barry Morrison has a great singing voice but, for me, he's so much more than a singer. From that stage, Morrison can reach out and touch the very core of your being." A. Middlebrook Memphis, Tennessee

Morrison True to His Musical Vision

Barry Morrison has written and, in 2013 recorded, a song that he, as a senior citizen, can easily relate to. The song is "The End of The Line." Having spent sixteen months on the Singer-Songwriter and All Genre(s) Charts, the song has topped the regional charts and continues to make inroads into the national chart picture as well. With a great aging singer storyline, the song is as hard hitting and stark as anything Morrison has written. This guy doesn't take any prisoners. If this truly is the end of the line for Morrison, it must be said that he has been true to his musical vision; uncompromising and bold to the very end. Great artistry.

Radio Submit Country Music Blog

Country Music, Not "Pop" Music

"My music couldn't go "pop" if you strapped a bomb to me, Morrison says. Pop music is, for me, a more superficial music; teenager music. There isn't anything wrong with that at all, it just isn't who I am. The music I'll sing later tonight, at the Iron Horse Club, comes naturally to me and paints pictures of desperation, adultery, addiction, hard drinking, hard living, hard times and redemption. The best country singers sing about what they know and what they've lived."

Barry Morrison Interview Red Bluff Daily News, 1971

No Band, Just One Man

Liquor by the drink has just been introduced in Memphis and one man, Barry Morrison with only a guitar, holds court and versus the world six nights a week at the Black Lion Lounge. Completely alone, he has no other option but to deliver the goods; and he does! Other than Beale Street, Morrison and Charlie Rich are the only shows in town.

Memphis Beat August, 1970

Singer Points To Too Little Justice

"If you're going to be an outlaw, be an outlaw for justice. There is too little of it."

Excerpt from Barry Morrison "After Dark" Interview, 1971

Performer An Enigma

After more than forty-three years of playing his own style of music in his own way, and also breathing new life into the songs he covers, he's a sixty-four year old enigma. His name is Barry Morrison and his fans are few by any estimation; fewer than 35,000 worldwide. But, given a listen, his music gets under your skin. Once his music is embedded there, it become organic and you're haunted by his deep voice, the darkness of him, the loneliness of him, the goodness of him and the danger of him. When you see Morrison onstage and, if you're a wannabe musician, "you want to be him." You want to be this "old guy." He's been there, paid the price and all you want is to experience the end result without the journey that came before. The word is out around the listening rooms in Nashville, that he's close to the end of live performing due to health issues. I hope not. Morrison is a throwback to a bygone bad-ass era in music. He comes to us now in the person of a reformed, redeemed and wiser man; a man (albeit on a limited basis) of substantial musical significance.

Blog article Jeremy Levin Nashville, Tennessee

Singer Lives His Own Adventure

"Musicians and singers always stand on the musical shoulders of those that came before them. This is a good thing, but it also comes with a warning: Don't try to be them. Be yourself and live your own adventure." Barry Morrison Interview The Advocate-Messenger, 1990

Singer Sidelined for The Remainder of 2013

The word is that the award-winning Kentucky singer-songwriter Barry Morrison will not be performing for the remainder of 2013 and, perhaps, into 2014. A back injury has sidelined the singer whose most recent release "The End of The Line" has been at, or near the top, of the Regional Singer-Songwriter Charts for most of 2013..

Country Music News Updates November 29, 2013

Singer Dances On the Edge

"My life has always been about doing what I've loved and, at the same time, hated. Music is a healer and a blood sport. It's dancing at the edge of a cliff knowing that, sooner or later, you'll fall off the edge". Barry Morrison Interview Country Music Review, 1991