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New show added

We're happy to announce we'll be at Old Point Bar this Friday from 5:00 til 7:30 pm. If you are up for late night you can see us later at Checkpoint Charlie's starting at 11:00 pm.

Islanola tonight at Old Point

Come out and see us tonight at Old Point. And we have a busy couple of weeks following with with show at Old Point, Banks St Bar, the Hi Ho, and Checkpoint Charlie's. We appreciate all your support. Come out and see some live Latin Music.

Map shows wrong location

Please note that the reverbnation map shows the incorrect location for Old Point Bar. Please check your own map resource to get the correct location.


Islanola at Old Point Sat June 14

We're happy to add a Saturday night show to our regular Tuesday nights in may. We will also continue our Tuesday nights through June.

Old Point is a great music venue and we love playing there. Come on out and get your Latin groove on.


Seis de Mayo at Old Point

Yet another fine party at Old Point Bar with a great crowd, good food and we got to play some music. Thanks to all who came. Look forward to seeing you next Tuesday. Islanola

The band had a blast at Old Point last night

The place was full of really great people. We really appreciate the response they gave us. We are definitely looking forward to our next show there. See you Tuesday and hopefully you will join us on Easter for what is shaping up to be a PARTY.

Don't forget Easter Sunday at Old Point

We'll be playing and partying at Old Point on Easter Sunday afternoon. A good time is in store for all.

More show dates are added

We're pleased to announce we will be back at Old Point Bar every Tuesday in May. We will also added Friday Apr 11 and Thursday May 1. That is a jazz fest Thursday so music will be in the air. We're proud to be bringing our music to Old Point during this great event.

Easter party at Old Point Bar

We'll be playing in the afternoon on Easter Sunday. The folks at Old Point are throwing a party and we are pleased to be part of it. Hope to see you there.

We had a great time at Old Point

We played at Old Point Friday Feb 28 and had a great time. It was a beautiful day and everyone in the club treated the band very well. We really enjoyed playing for you and hope you enjoyed listening.

Hope to see you back soon.