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Will Fletcher / Blog

Alternative Press Magazine's Hit Like A Girl competition!

My multi talented super cool drum student (and bass student) Kasey Thomas is taking part in Alternative Press magazine's annual Hit Like A Girl competition she's playing "The Silence" by Mayday Parade and she's killin' it! Should have some stuff to watch real soon check out the competition below! http://www.hitlikeagirlcontest.com/contest/overview

Article In The Knoxville News Sentinel Friday! Part 2

JC - alk about the live shows so far. How do the songs translate to the stage, since there are only two of you? How do you represent the other instruments on the recordings? WF - . The songs are translating really well to the stage. We had worked over the summer she came to the studio to basically demo off some stuff and we stripped it down, the "Together Right From The Start" song had that element just piano and vocals along with a bass student of mine's upright bass. And another one "Easy Does It" that was real bare. And the ones with drums and bass you just give the really good acoustic version lol.. and you've done it before live acoustic so you know it sounds good you just might have wanted it to sound a bit more "Record"-ey in the studio JC - What projects are FM's top priorities at the moment? What are your initial goals for this act? When do you expect to record again? Will touring be a possibility? What comes next? WF - Well having this wonderful oppurtunity at Open Chord to help Lora Beth with Unity Transformation Church and all the amazing things they're doing, while at the same time gettting the set in front of people and selling our CD which we'll have at the shows called "5 for 5" as in 5 songs 5 bucks boom! There will definitely be more shows very soon I would imagine we're all about it! Official Band Beer - Pabst Blue Ribbon Favorite Genre of Music - Rock and Roll Least Favorite Genre of Music - Gregorian Chant

Article In The Knoxville News Sentinel Friday! Part 1

Will's side project with Michelle Williams FM will be featured in The Knoxville News Sentinel Friday talking about helping Lora Beth Gilbreath and The Unity Transformation Church, the albums that shaped the sound of the duo, 5 for 5 and alot more! Here is Will's complete interview with Jer Cole of The Knoxville News Sentinel right here on Reverb Nation! JC- FIrst off, give me the instrumental breakdown (Who plays what?). Do you mostly trade off on vocals or is one of you the primary vocalist? WF - I play guitar and sing on stage and Michelle sings her leads and then sings harmony on my leads. She'll add some percussion shaker or something every now and then but usually she's singing her leads and then just kind of coloring mine a bit. That's a good idea lol We need to get her more percussion stuff JC - Give me a brief history of the act and how you got started playing together. What was the initial philosophy behind this project? And why do you suppose you collaborate well together? WF - Well we started playing together two years ago right about. I had a student who was a mutual friend of ours and he told me she was needing some tunes to her words wanting to make a solo album. Well we made the album at my studio and it turned out really fantastic. I still have all those masters and every time I listen to it I really think we made a fantastic record. It got out there good. She used a couple of the songs "Whisper It To Me" and "Listen" for some other cats she plays with in their live set and it's going to be on their upcoming album. So I started out as you know kind of a writer producer kind of guy but we always enjoyed each other's company and we're always of course like "we should go play some sets together" and then Lora Beth from Unity Transformation Church started doing her thing at Open Chord and asked us if we'd want to help her out a bit as far as playing some groovy tunes before and after her service over there and of course we were like yeah! I mean we've been working on these tunes for a while and to have a great oppurtunity to go out and stretch them out is a job well worth it. JC - With the inclusion of some of your students, do you intend to add any full-time members to this act or have a rotating cast outside the stable duo? WF - It would probably be like a rotating cast. And certain students of mine who want to get in front of a live audience at the Open Chord shows will be great. JC - Describe the stylistic direction of FM. It seems to be a slightly slowed down tempo from the Will Fletcher material I remember. What aspects or influences are you specifically focusing on with this catalog? What specific features do you think make these songs instantly recognizable as your own? WF - Well I don't think that's intentional with this stuff me and Michelle are doing. Actually the first album we did had alot of rock on it which we do do live, Songs like "Two Lovers" and "Together Right From The Start" are just more harmony driven songs that sound good on stage JC - There is definitely a theme to the three songs you sent. Do you write love songs exclusively for this act or is this a misrepresentative sample? How does your songwriting process work? WF - We're romantics what can we say lol no I don't think it's an overriding theme but that's always a good thing

Conference On The Image

Just helped present an article on the Doors at UCLA's conference on the image check it out! Was an honor to have contributed and alot of fun http://ijx.cgpublisher.com/product/pub.202/prod.76

Katy Free Three

Wanted to give you a taste of the Katy Free with "Wade In The Water" d they were a joy to have a in the studio. If you get the chance get out and see them live wherever they're playing around town you won't be dissapointed go check it out!

Rockin stuff!

Goin to see my KSO girl Kasey Thomas tomorrow at the Tennessee Theatre come on down it should be a hoot!

Great Weekend

Man the session with Katy Free and Wendel Werner went fantastic Saturday! They were so stoked and did some real good stuff quick and it's sounding great. Should be hearing some from that soon! Me and Jeanine went and saw my vocal student Lindsay Howard's dance group Go Dance! On Saturday at Clarence Brown Theatre they were fantasic! Great show the place was packed go check em out. My collegue Ben Maney from Joy Of Music wrote one of the pieces it was awesome. Good stuff man! Heading to L.A for a little RandR in December lots of work going down now though look for new stuff soon! Hope you got a good Halloween and hope you're doing amazing have a great week!

Lots Going On!

Had a great time recordng and producing my guitar student Bill Clark's wonderful group of musicians the Mountain Music String Band. They were an absolute joy to work with and we got 18 songs laid down in a very timely fashion everybody played frightfully well and I'm pleased. Keep me in mind for Christmas. lol I'm going to be working with Katy Free and Wendell Werner starting in November on the Katy Free 3's new project can't wait.. I don't know what Michelle is going to do with her new album I know that Frequency is using two of the the songs I wrote the music to "Listen" and "Whisper It To Me" on their new record and playing them in their live set so they might use these as well and more power to them and I hope they play them great! and new students! Everyone's doing fantastic! More coming in later this week welcome!Stoked for Halloween as you should be too!