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Zen Circus USA / Blog

About Zen Circus

The Band Zen Circus is a mighty tight hard rock power trio, with a long time hardcore following.

The Vision A transcendental rock band drive by the passions of being alive at the millennium, a time historically fraught with dramatic, violent change. This band is a conscious participant in a wake up call, dealing lyrically with larger cultural issues like violence in our culture and the abuse of power affecting our evolving spirits. We are a sign of the times.

The Music We deliver an explosive performance. Our sound is unique, somber and powerful, emanating from the three pieces, bass drums and a guitar-playing singer. The music is textured and extremely precise, not fuzzy and hard to hear. Obscure, dissonant chords, mixed percussively over the straight ahead feel. Punishing, open raw lead guitar will definitely raise goose bumps the old fashioned way without techno-bells and whistles, fancy costumes and cliché themes with which the market is currently laced.

On Guitar Brian NoOne, Guitar/Vocals Guitar and vocals are accomplished mostly by Brian NoOne, who began playing around the age of eighteen while on active duty, having taken the military exit from his life as a street rat in New York. Four more years living in the sound room hot boxing it in Pennsylvania, Brian put the finishing touches on the self-taught skills he finally unleashed on 11/5/1998, the official birth date of Zen Circus. Brian's musical influences include Black Sabbath, The Beatles, NIRVANA and Syd Barrett.

On Bass John "The GodFather" Dare

On Drums Jeff O'Hara

Our Goals and Accomplishments Our goal is to express rock music in its original form, that of aggressive improvisation, like jazz. That way the audience doesnt' really know what to expect, like the Grateful Dead, only this band is hard rock style.