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Oregon roots running deep...

The weather has been so good this winter around Eugene, OR. Not much rain has fallen, but the inspiration here is heavy and on the rise. So I'm living near Eugene, but I will still do some shows in Seattle and visit of course (summer). The rainy cityscapes and cool people have chiseled my craft and skills into a deeper level than I ever could have imagined. I am ready to rock this year! I've decided to plant some roots (again) in Oregon. I travel all over the west coast recording and performing wherever I'm called to be. Contact me if you want me to play somewhere on the West Coast. I do some high energy live sets in the one man band style, with or without looping. I also make #Livetronica and# DJ. I'm working on a mini tour for 2015.

#2 in EDM on Reverbnation!

We have gracefully risen up the reverbnation charts. Big thanks to everyone who has checked out the tunes! I really appreciate your flexible tastes in music. Deep expressions of gratitude to all of the new and old fans. You rock!!! The new tracks getting polished and re-mixed this week...

Top 3 on reverbnation… thank you!

We are number 3 on reverbnation again! Thanks to everyone who checked out the music. More on the way… Also, wondering here who's going to be number 100, to like my Facebook page? I'll give number 100 a free copy of my new upcoming Glitch Hop EP; just holler… facebook.com/marcusfire My bass-laden hiphop debut is almost out now too...

New Glitch Hop coming soon. West Coast festival dreams...

Keep an eye out for some new tracks dripping in January with new bass sounds, beats, and atmospheres... I've always played live or MC'd when I'm on a festival stage. But music production and my embrace of DJ culture is expanding my aspirations. I used Maschine and didgeridoo live for the first time last year to great success. If you are a promoter and want my new tracks at your festival or venue, do not hesitate to ask. I'm currently an independent producer for now (so much work), but am in the eyes of some international labels currently.

Delta Blues roots and Breakbeat Didgeridoo

I'm working on some new Delta Blues licks to add to the live sets with a Dobro and slide, as well as on the new upcoming recordings. A lot of people hear me on the street and are surprised to hear a full groove with baselines from one man. I use a didgeridoo stand and percussion on all free body parts, playing with more space and 4/4 rhythms like a beatboxer on my 7 foot cedar Didgeridoo. I started out as a blues player, and eventually became more of an electronic musician. I never stopped…but it's good to be learning new things again, and remembering my roots, and original inspirations. After blues, I dove headfirst into Rock, Jazz, Reggae, Classical, and Funk, and Bluegrass. I still feel those influences resounding in my bones and in my jams. Learning sampling and Hip Hop/EDM, has changed the way I write and perform as well.

20 years of Computer Music. 15 years of didgeridoo.

I can't believe how much time and technology has changed me, and the music. I was a MIDI lab monitor in my community college, using Performer right before digital audio was integrated. I bought Cubase because that had Digital Audio. Performer caught up, and I invested in MOTU. When Digital Performer came out I invested all my savings into a 603 performa Mac. I outgrew that real fast. Riverside Community college was mostly into Jazz and Classical, and frowned on the rebel kids making EDM. No wonder I dropped out! It's taken me 20 years to realize that EDM is one of my favorite forms of music. I tried Techno and scratching on my friends turntables and our Yamaha DJX's. My friends in the lab always joked, saying I looked like Aphex Twin. I wanted to make the electronica like them but was reprimanded by my uptight teachers. Now soft synths have caught up to the home studio with amazing quality. I couldn't imagine back then, doing what I do now with Ableton. I do miss D. Performer a little… Dropping out was the best thing I ever did! I found the didgeridoo and hand drumming months later, and the Joshua Tree Didgeridoo festival, where I eventually performed and taught at. I've happily exceeded every expectation I had hoped for in learning the didgeridoo - the oldest Bass music on earth. My game changer...

Ecstatic dance guest DJ and didgeridoo.

I will be a guest DJ at an #Ecstatic #dance in Eugene, OR sometime in the near future. It's a new friday night dance being constructed currently. I will probably start the set with some live #didgeridoo! Stay tuned for dates and times. Peace.

Eclectic Dance Music and street performances.

With so many genre bending crossovers occurring in the ever-changing music world, it's hard to label anything, anymore, in my opinion. The floodgates of musical freedom are being blown wide open thanks to new technology. A lot has changed since my days working with MIDI alone. Many modern producers started out playing an instrument. My first song was published at age 4 in the Yamaha school of music 'Indians Hunting'. And what if you make loops live with your mouth like Dub FX? We're all trying to find our song, our voice, our sound in these changing times. Basically you can do anything you want to do. And remember to discard the opinions of those 'not' doing it. Stay tuned for some sweet new tracks coming inspired byDub FX and Reggie Watts. And live sets are getting fleshed out now. Since almost everyone steals music, street music performance is all that pays my bills: I play didgeridoo, guitar, percussion in the day-acoustic for my street sets, and live loop at night in cool summers of Seattle.

New beats and sounds. DJ Jedi Training. Secret Location.

Well, I'm chill in' up in the snow capped mountains honing my DJ skills with my DJ friend. We play till 3AM at full volume. No complaints…except, turn it up! Mastering Maschine, Traktor and Ableton is the goal here. The mixes and beats we've got bouncing around here are sooo good. I can't wait to drop some new stuff. Dub FX like-vocal stylings and live looping even. We're still figuring out how to sync two Traktors up. Ableton and Live are syncing superbly on my Mac. Thanks so much for helping us reach 1,000 fans here, wow!

Demos and New Releases...

Stay tuned for new genre-blending new releases and finished demos coming in the next few weeks. I really want to thank you if you've been listening to some of the tracks here, or just that you're reading this Blog. We've made it to #3 - going up and down is sooo much fun! Most tracks here are just self-produced demos; the full mastered tracks and albums have tons of new sounds and creative mixes, and will be pressed this Winter. Also many things are finally getting organized, and Marcus Fire is becoming four completely different projects, to further the musical focus and strip these sites to their essence. New project names will be announced soon. I have very limited internet currently, so my focus will be banging out some tunes this month! (gonna miss the Tweeting…)