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Two exceptionally talented vocalists, Marie-Claire Calvet and Eamon Ireland combine to perform the above song that I wrote a few years ago. I then harboured rather ambitious plans to write a musical based on the tragic circumstances that culminated in the mass emigration of the Irish population during the 19th century. Well the dream is still there, but things have remained at a standstill for quite a while now, but hopefully I can draw on some inspiration in order to get the project rolling again. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy what would be the theme song from the musical, "In This Land".


A short clip made prior to mastering with vocals done by my daughter Beki. A collaboration with that "Word Wizard" Julian Wilson who never ceases to amaze me with his incredible ability to constantly produce lyrics of such outstanding quality.


The above album which resulted from a collaboration between myself and award winning singer songwriter Eamon Ireland was released by Optimum Records in September 2012. A sample track from the album, "Spinning Round" has now been uploaded onto this page for a brief period. A few other tracks can be heard on Reverbnation, Eamon Ireland and Paul Dunn Music. The album is available in CD format on Amazon.co.uk, but postal charges will apply to countries outside the UK. However it is also available on download with Amazon.com, iTunes, Napster and Rhapsody.


If anyone has come across the work of this talented artist, they could not fail to be impressed with the beauty of her voice and the incredible vocal range she has. This lady can really sing and has won several singing competitions in the US. She turned professional at the age of 13…yes 13! and has performed with various bands all over Western USA. Hit songwriter Don Goodman who is most famous for his hit song "Angels Amongst Us" was sufficiently impressed to engage her to do some demo work on his songs. She plays guitar and the piano and is also an extremely talented songwriter herself. She has recently released her first album of originals titled "Pixie Dust" which is available on Itunes, Amazon and her website Mikalene.com. I am delighted that Mikalene agreed to collaborate with Julian Wilson and myself on this song and we hope that you enjoy listening.

Vocals: Mikalene Ipson Composer: Paul Dunn Lyrics: Julian Wilson Instrumentation, Production and Arrangements: Paul Dunn Mastered by Forward Mastering.


This was the first of several songs that my old sparring partner Julian Wilson (Jules) and I collaborated on. Jules is a first class lyricist who continues to work with songwriters around the world. He is no stranger to finishing in the finals of song contests, several of his songs have been covered by various artists. Not only that, he is a top guy who would do anything to help anyone, I have certainly benefited from his advice. The vocalist is our friend Johnny MaCauley who has also perfomed on some of the other songs Jules and I have written. This notably includes a duet he sang with my daughter Rebecca entitled "It's So Amazing".

ONE DAY Music: Paul Dunn Lyrics: Julian Wilson Vocals: Johnny MaCauley Production & Arrangements: Paul Dunn


This is my third attempt to get this song sounding the way I want it to. I wrote it for my daughter Rebecca in 2005 and the first time I recorded it (not to be heard on this page thankfully) it was more appropriate to Shakespeare's "Comedy of Errors" as opposed to "Hamlet". Having later improved on my recording skills a little bit, I gave it another go in 2007 (included in my playlist) and now hopefully, this current one will be a case of third time lucky.

Best wishes, Paul