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The Elektric Warrior II / Blog


One of my songs I sent to Grammy winning engineer Ken Wallace to massage. I woke up a few nights ago and dropbox said it had been altered and one mix was in a higher form of Pro Tools. Sounded real good. Ken calls last night and said he has not had time to get to it but today. Mystery. Anyway once he finishes the best of three mixes it should be very nice even though a demo in 2011.


Now that Pro Tools HD is giving me the sound I always wanted even in the early learning curve, I want to explore more subtle dynamic things but on the guitar. Classical was great for that but it needs to translate to my other works. In the past getting heard thru the mediocre sound meant louder, Now softer!

AVID Everywhere

I hope to connect with artists world wide by years end to produce, distribute and promote. With Avid Everywhere it promises to be much a do it all system with my Pro Tools 8HD TDM system with Big Ben clocks. Hope we work together as there is much in terms of groups and songwriters to nurture. God Bless, Mike

Having 14 Years of College Now Giving Back

There are many areas that I am very well versed in beside music. I have been a health researcher for the last 25 years in Alt and AMA and foods. Also I have followed over 25 famous doctors and twice I almost went to medical school once in the 80's and 4 years ago to Bridgeport Connecticut for an ND that I relate more to now. My hurdle was pre med and it always involved cost and one thing beyond my control. My first degree was accounting so I can answer all individual tax question and having corporate tax in MBA many thing too business. My two MBA's involved much law in copyrights, licensing, tort, business law and general law concepts that I really enjoy. I have studied 5 languages 4 in college, French a year, Japanese, Spanish a year in HS, Italian in Italy for a month, and German when my father was in the hospital there for three months, but not much though. I have had international economics and record company operations, international business, and so many I cannot remember. NYC is good place for international concepts. I love movies, good news, positive and inspirational, I preach/ really teach God's concepts and Jesus' concepts-one and the same, so www.askmikenyc.com will be in progress soon and I hope to start walking the streets of NYC with a nice T shirt designed. Donations if I help you or you may buy a product??? Enjoy and God Bless! MAR

Cat Woman on the Prowl Lyrics

I made these on the fly so I was not satisfied nor thought some of the blue words edified Ms. Hathaway, too harsh in my book but sessions were not available. SO: New words: She kick your butt, but not a clutz, You ask for more, She say, I just Adore, she's the Cat Woman

Eyes Set

Will be adding an Otari 8ch tape deck soon and tie into my PT8HD system. Nothing like the sound of analog :)

Profile-John Norris is the consumate drummer.

Having studied with Tom Knight a friend and colleague of Dave Weckle, John adds super energy to all and grace, his kick very unique and handles odd time with ease. MAR

Name Change to Alabaster Radio

My new group name is more in line with the feel of the overall music, but a dear friend of mine seems to like it better, so I defer to her.

The Grand Effects of 528, the Love Frequency-Your Heart

Midi instruments sound real I first noticed tuned to 528 which is A=444, up 4 cents. Your body is tuned with the natural sounds of nature at 528 and allof your Chakras are balanced. At 440 on the throat and above are affected creating chaos. 528 is the frequency of Love, your heart and all plant life. Dr Len Horowitz sounds hippie and new age at times but he's telling the truth. I first used sound recently when a person sent me tones to balance my Chakras, it greatly affected me, this led to what I am doing, Len and my new music incorporating Delta binaurals but not like youtube, you see if you have the bass at 444 in the left ear and 445 in the right panned, you get a 1 beat different or 1hz which is a delta state of mind you go in. You could use 444.5 for a deeper delta or use a beta or alpha or theta range in other parts of your songs. It heals.

My Kingdom For Your Love in 528hz tuning

Given the response to many songs I am releasing a new CD of the very most played songs. I have to thank you for your response from my Heart. All will be tuned to A=444 and you will enjoy them even more on a spiritual and subconcious way your mind and body understand. It is ancient science rediscovered since and before Aristotle. My original third CD can wait as much production is needed with the new engineer, Ghenadie of S.A.E., NYC.