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Fury's Publick House 4/4/14

We had a great time Friday night at Fury's! Busted out a few new songs too! Much thanks to the John Clavette Band. #TFO

The Stone Church Was a BLAST!

Had a GREAT time sharing the stage with The Demon and Miss Fairchild at the #Stonechurch! A few new shows are in the works. Be on the lookout for video and recordings from the show. Take care, #TheFearlessOnes

The Fearless Ones with TODO BIEN

After battling through the feedback, we had a great time with TODO BIEN on Saturday! If you haven't seen these guys, check them out. It's "Make You Happy" music!

Kancamagus..What's in a name?

The Fearless Ones are named after Kancamagus... he was a BADASS! ttp://www.nashuatelegraph.com/living/lifestyles/793008-224/kancamagus-led-pennacook-uprisings-against-english-encroachment.html #Kancamagus #TheFearlessOnes #bandnames #TFO #NewHampshire

Gearing Up for Shows

The arrival of Mark's new right hand man and the completion of the studio recording has sparked a new period of creativity in the band. Be on the look out for new tunes in our upcoming shows... maybe even some blasts from the way past!

The Fearless Ones Streaming on Last FM

Listen to The Fearless Ones on Last FM. http://www.last.fm/music/The+Fearless+Ones/%E3%80%80The+Fearless+Ones

Fete Ballroom with AOD on Dec. 29

Looking forward to reconnecting with the guys from Assembly of Dust. I haven't seen Reid or John for years! They will definitely have to sit in for a tune...maybe an old Percy Hill tune. Tom