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Dan Peart / Blog

Reverb Nation offers useful help to musical artists like Dan Peart

The business of being a performing singer/songwriter has been changing drastically from the past tried and true practices. With the economic downturn and the explosion of free music on the internet, it can no longer be expected to be so lucky as to break through to success by selling several albums and CDs. Downloading singles and selling tickets to live shows, with the possibility of selling CDs and merchandise to true fans at the live shows, are the two main streams of income most likely available. Giving away free CDs and downloads are lower cost marketing tools to get attention and make potentially new fans who would be likely to go to live shows for the unique experience each live performance offers. Reverb Nation offers helpful tools to market and promote musical artistry with features such as Electronic Press Kits, gig venue finder info, and data base tracking tools to organize grass roots tours. Check out Reverb Nation! Check out Dan Peart live!