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"Thanathonaut" reviews, part III

The Fall is here, let’s all get depressed (in a good way) together while listening to «Thanathonaut»: «Their highly atmospheric and powerful progressive doom metal captivates and elevates. Filled with striking and excellent use of saxophones, choirs and cellos the guys have produced ten strong compositions that move more towards the symphonic spectrum than anything else.» — Stoner Hive «Within the doom genre itself, Narrow House spends time with all of it. There’s hints of funeral doom, psychedelia, and some stoner moments. But not happy to stay confined to the doom tag, you’ll find elements of progressive, jazz, and even some trace black metal here to really up the ante.» — Dead Rhetoric «As the album progresses through tracks such as «Furious Thoughts of Tranquility», «The Midwife of Sorrows» and «A Sad Scream Of Silver» the driving bassline of the string section combines with the saxophone brings to mind a version of Gerry Rafferty residing in the underworld. While many fans of funeral doom will be utterly put off by this mixing of styles, the progressive or avant garde metal lovers will find lots to enjoy.» — Femetalism As always you can find all available reviews over here: http://narrowhouse.net/press PS. «Thanathonaut» has been chosen as the Album of the Month at doom-metal.com. Thank you for this honor guys!

Shooting a new music video

Well, who would now, we started to work on our new music video to celebrate five years of Narrow House activity and release of «Thanathonaut». Above you can see a photo taken at the location we’ve chosen. Surprisingly it can be found almost in the center of the Kyiv. This fortification was built almost 200 years ago and was abandoned for many years, until the brave people of 3d Sotnia of Maidan moved there to start the reconstruction. Many thanks goes to them as they made all this shooting possible. For more pictures of the location click here: https://www.facebook.com/NarrowHouseUkr/posts/834005153276975

"Thanathonaut" reviews, part II

Less summer we have, more reviews we get. Some of the recent ones are: "…Traditional — British — doom imaginative constructions are strong and definitely deserve the attention of lovers of progressive doom and / or death, even though it’s not exactly "hard" or "extreme". I recommend it even to those who come from the other side of the progressive spectrum. This transcending genre is good." — Zware Metalen: http://www.metalhead.it/?p=35044 "Halfway between traditional doom and modern heavy metal, this attractive disc creates a series of apocalyptic and dark atmospheres of great impact, moving through a fresh sound and fortified by powerful groove and careful arrangements." — Rock Metal Essence: http://www.rock-metal-essence.com/2014/08/narrow-house-thanathonaut-recensione.html "A disc that certainly needs several listens to be treated justly [...] Those who love the nonlinear sound should certainly have a listening test." — Metalhead.it: http://www.metalhead.it/?p=35044 "Okay this is a weird album, more in keeping with slightly avant-garde/symphonic black metal than Doom, but that’s a good thing, this is what i like to hear, original ideas and interesting music." — Stu’s Reviews: http://mrstu616.blogspot.com/2014/08/narrow-house-thanathonaut-cd-review.html Black metal? Okay! You can find all available reviews over here: http://narrowhouse.net/press

New "Thanathonaut" reviews

Summer is a lazy time but we still managed to get some more decent "Thanathonaut" reviews: "This album is a surprise as I wasn’t sure what to expect from the band. From the Progressive Metal-style album cover to the name that gives nothing away, this is an atypical release in many respects. This is a very good thing, as the band have produced an extremely good album that manages to ably differentiate itself from the ravening hordes whilst keeping quality levels high and having a lot of personality and colour." — Wonderbox Metal: http://wonderboxmetal.wordpress.com/2014/08/11/narrow-house-thanathonaut-review/ "They really have mastered the combination here of a bright and modern sounding guitar, hard edged and dense, with the melody of piano and saxophone and strings to create a classical metal sound heavy with emotion and atmosphere." — Ave Noctum: http://www.avenoctum.com/2014/08/narrow-house-thanathonaut-badmoodman/ "It’s actually quite hard to pick out any high spots against such an extraordinarily, consistently brilliant construction. ‘Thanathonaut’ paces itself superbly, without a wasted moment, dipping at will into gentler interludes and urgent bursts of momentum, mixing the mournful groan of the cello with some ultra-sharp guitar lines, dragging in moments of funereal battery and surging choral movement as it goes." — Doom-Metal.com: http://www.doom-metal.com/reviews.php?album=2622 You can find all available reviews over here: http://narrowhouse.net/press In other news Bewitched of Narrow House hosted the 20th episode of "Withered Hands Podcast". Come check it out as this podcast has many great acts interviewed including Pantheist, Shape of Despair and many others: http://witheredhandspodcast.wordpress.com/2014/08/13/episode-20-whispering-shadows/

Interview for «No Clean Singing»

Recently we took part in «Doom Quiz» feature at «No Clean Singing» with us answering a few questions: "Talking about our current perspectives, we continue to promote the latest album. We have already introduced our limited handmade digipack edition of Thanathonaut. There are also some other merch ideas which will probably go public soon. There’s a chance that we will shoot a video for one of our latest songs as well." The full text can be found here: http://www.nocleansinging.com/2014/07/15/doom-quiz-part-4-eye-of-solitude-father-merrin-grimpen-mire-kypck-narrow-house-vin-de-mia-trix/

Introducing limited edition of "Thanathonaut"

Introducing limited edition of Thanathonaut. For more details please visit http://narrowhouse.net/buy-thanathonaut

"Thanathonaut" is out

We all have been waiting for this for a while now. Finally, this day has come: "Thanathonaut" is out!

It’s a very special album and we literally put our souls in it. Many talented individuals participated in its creation, and we will be forever thankful to them.

This release differs from "A Key to Panngrieb" but we sincerely hope that fans of our funeral doom era will also find something personal in "Thanathonaut".

Our new album is already available in the official Solitude Productions store (http://www.solitudestore.com/en/product/narrow-house-2014-thanathonaut/). However, in case you want to support the band and buy it from the band (we are going to produce a special edition) — please wait a bit longer.

Meanwhile here what some people who already listened to "Thanathonaut" have to say about it:

"If Narrow House is any indication of the doom metal scene in Ukraine, then let me hear more of it." — Flemming Gabin

"Thanathonaut elects to take a wholly different path, incorporating everything from traditional heavy metal-like guitar riffs, to tinny-sounding saxophone, to a bow’s staccato swipe across a cello. The end result is something of an anomaly and, as a result, pushes doom metal’s envelope as we know it." — The Metal Advisor

"The production sounds very professional" — Dark Underground Music Zine

You can stream "Thanathonaut" in all its glory on our bandcamp page: http://narrowhouse.bandcamp.com/album/thanathonaut

Interview for "Withered Hands Podcast"

So, Bewitched of Narrow House participated in "Withered Hands Podcast", and we should say that this was quite an interesting experience:

"One of the key members of the band both in the past and future “Yegor” is chatting with us all about the old and the new. Whats happened, whats been happening, and where Narrow House are heading. As always this show contains 2 songs by the band in question. These 2 songs are The Vitreous God (Стеклянный Бог) from the debut album A Key To Panngrieb and then theres a new track called Crushing the Old Empire which will be featured on the upcoming release “Thanathonaut”

Want to hear a new track from the upcoming album? Check out this podcast right over here. Our thanks to the host of the show, Silencer, for bringing us in.


Interview for Blackened Horde Zine

Check out yet another interview with us:

"We used to compile our live program into one piece in the past. So pauses between our actual tracks were filled by ambient music, and as a result we had something like one hour long song. We even tried to arrive when the music was already playing. This was making very strong atmosphere, a lot of people in the crowd looked like put into the trance. Now we shifted from this approach to shorten songs and having explicit beginnings and ends between them, but we still use video playbacks taken from some art-house or apocalyptic movies."

The full text can be found here: http://blackenedhorde.com/narrow_house

Interview for Dark Underground Music Zine

We have given a short interview regarding the past, present, and the future of Narrow House:

"We are waiting patiently for the reaction of the audience since the new album is quite different comparing to the first one. Some new material has been already created, but additional feedback wouldn’t hurt so we know we are heading in the right direction. This time we have put considerably bigger effort in promoting our new material and I expect that we will be able to increase our audience significantly with «Thanathonaut» release"

Check out the full interview over here: http://hatredmeanswarzine.blogspot.com/2014/05/narrow-house-interview.html

More to come.