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Mudhir / Blog

New MUDHIR related collaboration

New music has been posted to the top of our RvN playlist, off the new CREATURES OF THE DEEP record. It features me, Mr. SageBrush, and my homeboys BIG NOMS and J-FEDERAL who have worked with MUDHIR before. This is a project that I wanna get behind 100%, because this whole crew and associated artists are all about making new Underground Bay Area Hip Hop. I am for sure honored to have been invited to work with them, and I am feeling their music. Hear all of their material here: www.reverbnation.com/codcreaturesofthedeep The same tracks I pimped are available to download there for free, but more importantly, add them, and support real hip hop, from the heart of artists. As ar as MUDHIR, we are still broken up as a project, and that sucks because TB aka Alleged Blacc could've killed on any COD tracks. I have no personal animosity towards TownBoy, and haven't been the same musically without his lyrical influence. Things happen. Never say never. Life goes on. He's too talented and intellectual as a musician to not find success no matter what city or continent. Literally. Thanks for reading. MRSB www.mrsagebrush.stereokiller.com

Same truths, new realities

so no matter what is said, without TB aka Alleged Blacc, MUDHIR does not exist. That has not changed. Can't change that situation, and won't play it out online like some gossiping little bitch. TB is my homeboy, I got nothing but love for the dude, and musical projects NEVER last forever. Never say never to the Gamblers making music again. Just don't get your hopes up. It's like this: we are proud of the music we made, I stand behind that shit 4L, and we appreciate the support. Right now, the only "affiliated" new material is my solo shit, which can be heard: mrsagebrush.stereokiller.com and followed here: twitter.com/mrsagebrush I'm gonna use this forum to rotate MUDHIR tunes, network with artists, promote my solo work, and release UNHEARD MUDHIR TRACKS and remixes.I have a lot.We ain't in the popularity contest anymore, we made our dent in that sheisty ass pipe dream. MUDHIR MADE HIP HOP. That's real. Lately I been collaborating with J Federal and Creatures of the Deep for a cameo (maybe 2) on their 4th CD, and was happy to reunite with my good friend BIG NOMS. They are all truly talented artists and I can't wait to hear the finished record. Big things in store, even if MUDHIR is done. I know TownBoy will land on his feet and stay dope.Some of us motherfuccaz are born this way. Thanks for caring, and stay true to yourself and this culture. CARPE DIEM CAVEAT EMPTOR Mr. SageBrush


Makes no sense to let all the music we made get forgotten by us splitting up. This is MUDHIR and all of our creations. It cannot be denied. I capitulate.

No more gambling.

Due to circumstances that will not be spoken about here, or anywhere else on the internet, MUDHIR aka THE GAMBLERS have disbanded. That was a great run, and our music will all still be around if anybody is feeling it. Later Days


www.GamblersHipHop.com that's our new page. Music for sale if you wanna pay. Some free shit too. Roll the dice, take a chance on us.

Name Change, same Game

For now, we are gonna go with our old "AKA" to Americanize this shit, even though that ain't at all what we do. Until further notice, we are THE GAMBLERS. Call it our substitute alias or whatever. It's about ease of phonetics, not dropping our identity. Same RvN addy, different phase as a project. Roll the Bones.


TownBoy looks like he's headed studio soon, I'm gonna be collabin February, and we been getting requests for live performances. We'll see what happens with that. Things are evolving. Even the pyramid scheme that is RvN can't hold us down.. Mr. SageBrush from MUDHIR


this is a weird phase for MUDHIR. There's never been any quitter in our passion, but the rat race of social media circles, online "popularity contests", and damn near pleading for attention gets old. We haven't quit, but for now we've stopped. I'm working on the Mr. SageBrush record, definitely not trying to claim that it will be a hip hop record as much as a cross over electronic type joint. I wanna make stuff that gets your head bobbin'. That is the main thing happening now. mrsagebrush.stereokiller.com @mrsagebrush When the studio time is right and TB is ready to go, that is where our trademark is. Thanks for supporting us regardless MRSB


3 tracks from the early track listing are up including the title track "The Nihilist" at a new page which can be found at: mrsagebrush.stereokiller.com New tracks all under way currently, and the entire record will be released early 2015. For now, stream the roughs at that page. Updates for RvN will be done here on the MUDHIR page. Peace be upon you all. MRSB


for now, musically, MUDHIR is on hiatus. This is more just a formal announcement, as we haven't been working consistently for months. There is no creative rivalry, personal problems, or some other petty shit. It's just logistic. We stay in the Bay, but not in the Frisco close like we use to. In all honesty, this is a good thing, because we are a studio type group. That means me (Mr. SageBrush) behind the mixing board controlling tracks, and TB doing the lyrics. That is MUDHIR. That is our brand. That will happen, and as a result our tracks will be that much stronger. There's no price you can put on the quality of studio time versus laptop tracks. There's no comparison. I know this having spent time in the studio both fronting a band that gigged and recorded professionally, and as a producer. That said, I'm planning on getting back in the studio on vocals to finish my old band 5 Acres of Fear's second record, which has been on the shelf since 2009. The one thing that is being done that MUDHIR listeners may want to follow is MR. SAGEBRUSH: "THE NIHILIST". That is in progress right now. It will have similar production values musically as my MUDHIR beats will in some respects, but it is not a hip hop record. It has moments, but I'm not an MC as much as I love pinch hitting. I am a producer, and sometimes singer. The basic vibe will be electro, synth pop, funk, acid jazz, and experimental. I hope to be done by early summer with this. I fully expect collaborations with TB, and hopefully DefEye, J-Federal, and Freestyle Phil, who have worked with us before. That much is not certain. I do have a vision for what this record will be. I am rooted in beats that get people moving, dancing, driving, fighting, fucking, whatever. I want kinetic response. That's my vibe and genre. No good music is ever rushed and done well. Not in my experience."The Nihilist" title track (rough) is posted here, and at mudhir.stereokiller.com if you want to hear the full sized version. It's basically a schizophrenic diss aimed at poser artists and the crap that gets shit out on the internet all the time. If you listen to the lyrics, I'm dissing shitty artists, the industry, and myself at the same time. I know damn well the music industry is dead. Good news is, music is not. I have history playing instruments, gigs, and songwriting. In my mind, if you played at a battle of the bands (where you had to sell your own tickets), or played a party, or MC'ed at a "rap contest", you didn't play a gig. You didn't do shit. You begged for attention and paid to pimp your music. Basically, if you weren't booked, listed in the newspaper, and paid for your set by the venue based on the door, you didn't play a show. Same goes for putting out records, independent or not. That's what makes an artist legitimate: being in demand. That probably sounds really elitist, but that's just how it is. Being succesful as an artist of any type is contingent on being 1) TALENTED, 2) PROFESSIONAL WITH YOUR WORK ETHIC, and 3) ADAPTING TO THE SCENE. In San Francisco, the music scene has never been worse. It's next to impossible to get your foot in the door, much less be considered for performances as the few venues we have. It's even harder if you're a Hip Hop artist, because there are virtually no venues to book. That's just the nature of the game. It's not impossible, but it's really fucking close. You have to have a resume, musically speaking. If anyone reading this needs production for tracks, or some recording sessions, I am available for the right artists. Of course there will be a going rate, but I only want to work with real talents, so that is on a scale. Should you be interested, you can inquire here:mudhirmusic@gmail.com