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Mudhir / Blog

What is MUDHIR

Ok, there is no bullshit in this post. TB aka ALLEGED BLACC founded this project. I made beats before we linked up. TB brought me out of retirement. He is the spine of this duo. We have had others aligned with our music (Racha, J-Monty, KD, Noms) but there are only two homeboys that have been there since day one. That's TB aka Alleged and Mr. SageBrush. Time to streamline that whole concept. We are looking for beautiful and talented female R&B artists to work with. Talent isn't made for everyone, especially fake ass artists. We always knew we would have to fight for recognition. We are almost where we need to be. Our message is about to get more positive, but never denying our past. MUDHIR is TOWNBOY on vocals, SB on production, and a whole lot of not giving a fucc. HIP HOP IS INTERNATIONAL.


There have been trials and tribulations when it comes to MUDHIR. Bottom line, this is TB's project. Always has been. Lineup may have changed a bit, but this is Alleged's gig. I'm his producer. Understand this

No diss, no plateus, no new music.

took this week off. things to do. new tracks always in the works. later.

Get any of our 4 records for free.

Thanks to the nonsensical way Reverb "promotes" non paying members of their service, our new tunes are no longer available for free. There are several reasons for this:

1) Due to the fidelity, quality, and size of our new tracks, they are well over the RVN non member allwoance (8 MB, really?).

2) We want our new shit to be quality as our work, hardware, and content is getting more professional by the day. No shitty bandwidth from us, why put out low quality MP3s? We take pride in our work, and take this rap game very seriously. This is our job, and more importantly, our lives.

3) We have a new page with a no strings attached site (shameless plug, RVN diss) http://mudhir.stereokiller.com

Go there if you dig our music and want hours of music. Eventually we will charge, but minus a distribution deal (for now, we're close, and have been) we don't see a point. We don't do this for money.

Reverb is a great platform for us, but the fact that we've never broken closer to the top 10 in the Bay (we hit 18 last year) is laughable. They've attempted to explain how their ranking system works on their FAQs, but it's simple. No dough, no dice. Oh well.

Help us prove them wrong. Press play.


Back after it. 4 records done.

W are back in spite of RVN hating on our stats. We have new music.

"Final Judgement".

We are Hip Hop. Worldwide. Eat a dick.

Wow. 4 Records. All available for free. Right now.


We have put out 4 records.

I stand humbled. Granted some over older masters were lost, but we put out what we could.

They are:

The Gamblers Vol. 1

The Gamblers Vol. 2

Love, War, God, and Consequences

Worlds Apart.

Cannot stress how much I owe props to TB for riding with me this far, and encouraging me to get back in the production game. He's been prolific as a lyricist.

I also owe nothing but huge love for Big Noms, Defeye, Freestyle Phil, J-Federal, DJ Hilo, Universal Vagrant, J-Monty, DJ Racha, and KD Tha Golden Oso for all their contributions on the mic, in the studio, on production, and for their love of hip hop.

This ain't a swan song, and we are still hustling for a deal, but no one can take away the fact of how much work we have put in the past year and a half.

Now we keep it moving.

Thanks to everyone who played our shit. We love you all. We've been pretty offensive lyrically, but that's what this rap game affords us.

I'm mentally exhausted.


Mr. SageBrush

Two FULL ALBUMS (temporarily free) and a MIXTAPE

Released Our first two records: "The Gamblers (Volume 1)" and "Worlds Apart". Worlds Apart is our newest full record. The Gamblers Volume 1 (and 2) are our older work. Volume 2 will be up shortly. All are FREE right now. Only right now as full records.


That is where to find them. A "mixtape" has also been posted there. From now on, we are only selling individual tracks here on reverb.

Time to move on up.

Feel free to get them that way while you can.


Things as they are:

Mudhir musical update for those who want to stay informed.

First off, if you read this far, thank you for supporting our music, as abrasive and offensive as it may be. It's like Corey Holcomb said, "they're just jokes". Difference is, this is just music. It ain't made for everybody, especially the "PC", but what the hell is that anyways?

We don't really care about catering to people's mind frame and opinions. We ain't politicians, we're artists. If you don't respect that, then go fucc yourself. Real talk.

That said, there are many things happening with "The Gamblers". Haven't had as much collaborations with DJ Racha (productions, turntables) as we have in the past, and definitely miss his sounds, but it started off as just me (SageBrush) and Town Boy from the jump, so we embraced that as our sound.

KD The Golden is always gonna be a contributor behind the scenes lyrically, and when we gig a great hype man, but same story. We have gone back to the electro sound that we started with, my signature sound from back in the day.

For more on that go to


Yeah, that old. All that done, TB has stepped up on the prodcution level, and has had a huge influence on what your hear on the backing track. We work tirelessly, all the time, to put out new material. We always have. Our stuff is mostly free to download, so by all means if you dig a track, take it. It won't be free forever.

Trying to get some real clean mixes done of older tracks, and replacing them when updated. We're pretty much maxed out on the software we been using, but we are moving towards pro studio time, live instruments, and female singing accompaniment. If you are in the Yay Area, female, with strong vocals, and the look to match, please drop us a line with a link to your material at


We are always available for live local bookings, and collaborations with legit artists. Also, if you are interested in production by Mr. SageBrush, hit that same email for info.

MUDHIR is currently shopping for a distrubution deal as well, several offers passed on, and only legit A & Rs please. We don't want anymore "proposals" from twitter bots, fake labels, or delusional Fruity loops producers.

We are musicians. We worked for it. We can actually play instruments, not press play on a loop. Think it through.

We have A LOT of material on the way. We go hard.

Thanks for your support people. It means everything to us.


Mr. SageBrush (aka Vito De Lnegro)

Yes everything is on the line.

have u ever been desperate to fight for your life?

fucc everyone. yeh. we are crips. if you say so. we rep this. shut the fucc up n lissen.

Skinny Jeans F.U.H.C (lyrics)

with your skinny jeans you can't even kick it you can't even kick it with your skinny jeans feel me?

Hella plageristic no original thought in ya coconut with your skinny jeans don't wanna see your nuts don't wanna see your beard your beanie or your wayfarers your fucked up t-shirt that shit makes me embarrassed

with your skinny jeans we can't be no fucking comrades with your skinny jeans thats some silly shit i dont have

-Skinny Jeans Skinny Jeans fucked up hair cut so in tuned with the world with your fucked up haircut

Skinny jeans coffee cup fucked up haircut and skateboard I love skating but I hate your fucking type tshirt too tight for skinny smart mouth like like a little trick only steal from true cultures like this one I represent Everyone of you are musicians but nobody really gives a shit Because yer skinny jeans quick to make a mothafucka exit

Skinny Jeans (x2) Fucked up haircut Run your mouth like a duck and get smacked like a stool pigeon Are you receiving what I'm givin? fucked up hair cut what? Skinny Jeans means bitch please stop living off of other peoples nuts.

Skinny Jeans (x2) Fucked up haircut so in tune with the world, I really gives a fuck

Skinny dudes just stop it/ save us all the problems skinny dude stop that/ they whack as fuck don't rock 'em Fucked up haircut don't rhyme / I'll put you in the fuckin dirt I don't mean that metaphorical I'll lay lay you flat in church / Shit'll hurt shit'll hurt Skinny jeans I'm speaking to ya/ that shit will cause damage and then you're feeling. no guts no glory I'm nuts your guts be looking hella gory SIKE opened up your shit is hella CORN-Y

(off record curiosities)