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Mudhir / Blog

Help Us Make Us

we are about ready to break thru on "the charts" we're listed on. press play or share, and you have done us a huge favor. You can also like us at facebook.com/tbmrsb Every little bit is appreciated. It's all meaningful. We make music for the love of music, not notoriety, but recognition is the ultimate payoff. Thanks for reading. One

Respect, success, rotation

Much respect due to the folks who played our tunes and boosted our (basic free service) Reverb ranking. We don't pay RvN for rank improvements, so a lot of times it's a struggle to advance. We don't beg for the listeners, but really do appreciate those who do. We had a great week on the national and global RvN hip hop charts, our highest ever, and we haven't put out nearly as much new content as we used to. That said, we plan on following the trends of what folks like the most, and keeping those in the top 5. The mindset behind that is maybe new listeners will keep on listening. We have more tracks than any other artist we are aware of (at least have seen) on RvN. We could be wrong. I know personally, some of our earlier stuff is still my favorite to go back and listen to. All tracks are free to download (by the record and individually) at www.mudhir.stereokiller.com Peace Mr.SageBrush Producer for MUDHIR

Turn it back, turn it up Tuesday

rotated some older tracks to the top of our playlist that may have gotten slept on. Making 4 records in less than a year and a half meant we had a ton of tracks, and some of 'em might have gotten burried in the shuffle. As always, all of our tracks are free to download here, or by the albums at: www.mudhir.stereokiller.com One.

Forward Progress

don't know exactly what was the catalyst, but we jumped up in the Bay Area hip hop charts to the top 15 right quick. Thanks for playing our shit if that was you. Big things happening. One. MUDHIR

No funerals for the living

In spite of some recent setbacks, we are not broken up. Seemed it would have to be that way, but we got a stay of execution. For now if you dig our shit, the best thing you could do to help us is share, add us on facebook, and download all of our tunes (for free) at the link below mudhir.stereokiller.com Our facebook is: www.facebook.com/tbmrsb Been doing new material with KD Tha Golden Oso that is gonna offend and entertain all at once. Lata MRSB

Into the Abyss (Nothing)

Got a new extended version of this track up with a verse and backup vocals added by Town Boy. It adds to the depth of the tune and is more true to our formula. I have been doing a bit more lyrically lately, but that's because I'm finishing earlier concepts while TB is unavailable. TB is the voice, face, and personality of MUDHIR. That is the way it is. More new sh*t on the way. Mr. SageBrush

Hand on The Pump Cover (again)

didn't like how "glitch" the first take of this sounded, so I post mixed and replaced it. It's much better to the original. -SageBrush

Cover Tune of "Hand on the Pump"

Been wanting to do this for a while. Came up a huge fan of Cypress Hill, and just duplicating their words over an instrumental seemed completely pointless. That said, I reconstructed the beat in my own way, and the rest is what you hear. It took a while, and it is pretty over processed, but had fun doing it anyways. More stuff in the works, we've been hovering pretty steady with our rank and such, so hopefully we can keep moving forward. Gonna get TB aka Alleged Blacc into the booth again as soon as it's possible. We are Mudhir, I am Mr. SageBrush, and we make hip hop music. Thanks for reading. Peace


In retrospect, seems we got away from our more underground sound in 2014, instead showing a bit more 808/electro/experimental formula. That's really a bad way to say it as we never really work with a "formula", but we don't dismiss any of our records. We stand by them all 100%. Gonna rotate in some of the older joints from our previous records to freshen up our playlist. Always gotta keep it fluid if you wanna stay relevant. Been posting a lot of roughs of new beats, but that's how we show our development as artists. Anyone who truly cares about our music will listen to/read/follow our shit. That's always up to the individual. In this short attention span and social media world, everything is up to the "consumer". That is both a blessing and a curse. It's a curse if you want to get rich off of making music, because realistically that shit doesn't happen. Nobody really buys CDs anymore, and if you sell music digitally, you have to spend money to get it out there. Even if you do, the game is so saturated that you will probably never get exposure like it takes. That and 80% of the music out there is amateur glamor pipe dreams. You have to have talent, dedication, and passion to make it work. The good side of it is the fact that you can stay in constant touch with your target audience, and with the right production values, get your music out there for the masses. In our case, that means making it all free to download, posting it in different places, and informing anyone who cares enough to listen. For us, that's best done at: http://mudhir.stereokiller.com We aren't nearly as prolific in our output, but that is all for a reason. We are maturing in our own ways as musicians. Some of our tunes are silly, some are angry, some depressing, and many are strongly opinionated. It's up to the listener to decide what they dig, but our music is us. What we say is is how we live, think, and act. It is what it is. We stay true to our music standards, don't sellout for a cheap shot at attention, and don't ever apologize. We don't pay to play shows in pyramid schemes that book "live performances". We don't shill out for twitter followers, RvN offers and services, or do this for money. We love hip hop. Our goal is to grind hard as fuck, make good music, and stay true to ourselves. That's it. We know we will make it. Otherwise what the hell is the damn point? That's real. We appreciate you all. We are MUDHIR. One.

download free music with no catch.

mudhir.stereokiller.com RvN is a pay sight. Even then it doesn't matter.