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We never waver in our anger. We make music not sense. Remember folks these are stories, true stories. We don't relive them, we tell the tale.

Two for the road

We appreciate having our DJ and our hype man, but end of the day, MUDHIR is TownBoy (aka Alleged Black) and Mr SageBrush ( aka Vito De Lnegro ). Always have been, and we always will be.

We been working closer as a team, including TB getting in on production, and SabeBrush on vocals. We paid our dues, now we are driven to share our style with the world.

We are arrogant, our message isn't for everyone, and our style is abrasive, but we do what we know. What we do represent is Hip Hop. We will fight for the culture, and that is no bullshit.

Thanks to everyone who plays our tracks.

More truth for your false edicts

"Satanic Verses (ft. Big Noms)" is up. We work nonstop, we don't waiver in our dedication. We are are #MUDHIR #tbmrsb

The fucc?

what happen bay area artist? show your fuccin belly/.

Blob bull shit

MrSB here.

our new page is:


The sound quality is so much better there. Add us. Good luck to the real Bay Rap Folks.

Racha on the cut.

Better than what?

so, we have basically moved past RvN. We are dope for shure. Most Bay Rap is. We appreciate the handshake.

Hello Record Deal.

Migration/CD Release party...

so, as we are not leaving reverbnation, we aren't "quitting" as much as we are "moving" to soundcloud. www.soundcloud.com/mudhirmusic

there is no limit to upload size for better sound, and there's no unexplained stats that keep you out of the true spot you should be on the local charts by math.

if you dig our shit, follow us there and get better streams. we will keep this page current too, but we aren't paying to be dope. We're just dope.

Had some good pow wow time with TB, KD, and Racha, and we have so much in store musically. We are pushing the boundaries of our sounds, and taking our time with finishing our tracks thoroughly. That means good post mixes, mastered tracks, and pro-grade recordings.

We are going to release our first (double) album early april, it will be available for digital download and traditional CDs. expect upwards of 25 tracks. It's titled "The Gamblers (Volumes 1 and 2)".

All the tracking we did for our first year will comprise the majority of the record. After that, we are working on our 2nd release "Worlds Apart", and hopefully by then we will have a label and distribution worked out.

New additions to the line up means new sounds (Racha and KD) and new flavor. We are also pursuing gigs here in the Bay for 2014. We are available for bookings here.

That's it. Later mofuckas


Dark Skies (Produced by DJ Racha)

New track up produced by our DJ Racha. The levels need some screw tightening, but we have even more shit on the way for yo asses...

New sounds/New Member of Mudhir

"Twisted my Cap Off Them Rails" is revamped, and the rough draft is posted. It's more of a "Mixtape" type tune, and it is free to download. It does reflect how our sound production wise is going to get bigger, brighter, more developed.

We're taking the proper steps to get studio quality recordings happening on a more regular basis.

On that note, San Francisco's DJ Racha has joined Mudhir as our turntable-ist for upcoming live gigs, and he will also be contributing his production. His beats are off the ringer.

I (SageBrush) will be taking a much more behind the scenes role as far as mixing and mastering, but of course I will be shitting out beats like I always have. Of course I will make the random cameo on hooks, or occasional short verses and such, but we know our formula, our sound, our goals, all that.

Exciting shit on the way...


New music : Crookery Pays

listen up Ratchetz