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Bambino4.15 / Blog


I think I'm done with rapping coss my numbers of fans Is lacking rapping ain't the same nomoe if i ain't talking bout violence they don't want to hear nomoe if I aint talking bout money and females they just let my shit go its crazy how we dream to be the best but end up being the less that's why ilove poetry coss it's a way to express and get some things off my chest its like my music is washed up ashore no one listen they just ignore I dont rapp fo the fame I rapp fo' a new door history is broken every day but do you think they listening no that's why the government ain't whispering they train us to be rappers so we can make them money but we can make money our selves but we want to kill eachother isn't that funny no its not coss they got control of us colored like a robot we say we free but we not that's why we in the ghetto in the same spot they don't want peace coss then will rise above that's why OJ got caught with the glove