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The Anytakers / Blog

The Anytakers - ( Kalebs BLOG POST )

Dear fans. Its been a very long time. Today something hit me right in the face.

The fact I haven't been doing what I actually love has really taken a toll on who I am. ( Kaleb McKenzie )

We stopped wrtting our material for awhile because of a few run ins with parental issues. But TA is proud to say WE ARE BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER.

We always love making music for you guys, and its always so much fun. This is how we want to live our life's regardless of what anyone has to say Whether they say we can make it or not. We are going to be producing new material and remastering our old stuff to throw in as something to listen to.

We love each and everyone of our die hard fans.

We would be nothing without you. - Kaleb McKenzie


We are going to be recording and finishing up this EP when we produce all of the material for the album. I Wont Give In and So, Help Me. Will not be on the EP album, but they are going to be re-recorded and put out as singles!

The new Ep does NOT have a release date yet, but will very soon! Don't forget we are still taking cover suggestions! Like the facebook page and join TEAMTA. We will be booking shows and more information on recording, studio updates, behind the scenes with TA will also be coming out, bloopers and more!

We are sorry for the current member change, and we might be having a few more guests joining in on the band itself.


So, we have currently replaced Trevor Nail, on drums, with Forrest Hale, we are terribly sorry for this, and we wish you best of luck on what you do..

We don't exactly have all of the material finished yet, but we have a HUGE plan to make you guys want to sit down and hear it! We are releasing So, Help Me and I Wont Give In as acoustic singles, and the new EP is going to feature an instrumental song, with whole new material!

We will be working next weekend more on production and other things like that, Drop us a like on facebook and STAY AN ANYTAKER - Kaleb


We The Anytakers wanted to inform you the fans on a few things coming up!

We will be booking shows. And recording our newest EP RELEASE with Intellect Studios. Were stoaked for that.

So far we have out material all together, and our line up is currently the same.

We cant wait to produce the new stuff and release it, release dates and other info coming soon.

The ep is still unnamed at the moment, we will be having art made and everything for this event so dont miss out on this!


Hey everyone its Kaleb McKenzie here.

The Anytakers have some a ver long way since we started, I wanted to start off by saying thank you for everything, from the bottom of our hearts thank you. I came up with the band name The Anytakers, How I came up with it was a long drawn out process. I thought about people, people on the streets, people in wealth. I thought about the outcasts, and the insecure people, the ones people claim arent the best but have every little ounce of potiental to grow as a human being. I thought about the hurt people, the lost people. The people that just want to find where to make the next move and Im all about taking action, I love being who I am, and sitting down and taking the time to explain my struggle as an artist. I started off playing deathmetal in a local band named Geniseos, I havent felt like playing hardcore music since then, I want to grow up and do something someone hasnt, and be someone to someone else one day, I want to reach people with my writting, and I want them to come up to me and tell me that it has. I love everyone that has helped with TEAM TA. This isnt just a band, its a family to me. and Thankyou all for listening in on us.

So, Help Me.

The Anytakers would like to say;

Our song So, Help Me. Is now out, check it out on here, ViaYouTube. Please comment rate subscribe. And Follow us on TWITTER for more instant Anytakers material updates and more!!! We love you guys! Share us with your friends. and remember, stay an Anytaker!


The Anytakers would like to say, we have a new song release coming soon! called So Help Me. CHECK IT OUT.