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Sky Archer / Blog

In waves

The new songs are coming in waves...Ive finished a number of new tunes and written more in this month alone... I'm excited because I got to test drive the songs in a 30 minute set last saturday night opening for the White Flags...a lot of response from people who ask about certain songs and the subjects they're about. Very encouraging because this different feedback is not from my friends or family but complete strangers who actually listen and react. Thank you to those who came out....... and all who want guitar lessons now LOL!!!

Working is working is working...

I work on music, even when its not visibly productive. Every day, going through files and files of ideas new and old. Testing to see if they are hot with opportunity, or cold... I ponder and "try" to see where I'm at in life, love,.. friendships. God. I pick up the guitar or bass cello or piano anything i play, and see if something is lurking there like a dark shadowy figure in the night and by playing, may bring it into the light and see if Its anything I'm intrigued by. If it is, I record it on my iPhone or iPod and then I stop.... and go get a glass of water and come back and listen to it and see if its trying to tell me something...I may 'scat' something over the top and see if the words start to pop out at me and if they do, I write it down....It may all come at once and then it may not..I dwell for just a little while and then I ask the song to come back to me "if it has anything more to say"...go ahead and laugh . I don't mind. I've been doing it since childhood and though high school and today. I do something. I feel sometimes I need to work on a piece that hasn't done anything i'll listen to it in the morning and keep it in my head aaaallllll day. and by evening when all is asleep but me. i'll go to the music room and ask the lyrics to come back and pray to God for clarity and so I start to write and a lot of it is rambling sometimes but then there will be a sentence or a phrase that jumps up off the page HERE I AM!!!! and then I have a verse or chorus and so forth...but I work. Do something everyday that rattles your imagination and takes you out of your comfort zone. I thank God for allowing me to do this....

New song "Innocent"

Recorded on my IPhone, I thought I would share this as we're working on the demo for this song..Its amazing how we as christians hold on to our own mistakes/sin when our Lord has tossed them into the deepest of the ocean never to revisit it again, but we dont sometimes, and should. I hope this song speaks to you. Scott

New Music

I recorded these songs on the IPhone, 4 track and garage band so the guys can learn them...I know the production is "lacking" but there it is...pre production and finally copyrighted! You have to be wearing earphones to actually hear the bass lines iv'e been told. I hope to be traveling soon out of state to record this stuff at a place that has a real engineer and producer but more on that later...

Music Taken Off!!!

Whilst we work on a few things in preparing to record... someone in the industry advised me to get a few things in order ( ducks in a row) before showing more music.. which is a good thing if you know what I mean...wink wink. I do want to post a LOT of new stuff but it may take a while ..... so as soon as a few more ducks are lined up I will post new songs as I am able too:)

New Songs

I wanted to do a video of new songs but I need a good video camera and the one I had went Ca-Put... We have new songs that are in the copyright process and are fresh cant wait to share with you.

Writing, writing writing

Coming up with all kinds of stuff for the c.d.