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The Dirty Doors: A Doors Tribute Band / Blog

Happy Birthday, Robby Krieger!

Happy 69th Birthday to Robby Krieger!! Not only is he an amazing guitarist but he also wrote some of The Doors' biggest hits. Which one is your favorite? Light My Fire Love Her Madly Love Me Two Times Runnin' Blue Spanish Caravan Tell All The People Touch Me Wintertime Love Wishful Sinful Yes, The River Knows You're Lost Little Girl

Happy 71st Birthday to Jim Morrison!

We thank you for your words, your music, your spirit and the inspiration you continue to give to millions around the world.

Hello, We Love You

We have great fans and we're gaining more all the time! Here are just a few of the REAL, UNSOLICITED comments we've received from fans via email and social media:………."My brother and I just came out of the movie theatre downtown, and we were walking by and heard y'all! We were the two guys clapping on the sidewalk! Great job! We can't wait to see y'all again for a full show. Outstanding! Y'all made our night! Thanks!"-Phillip S., Athens, GA………."I'm starting to have trouble telling the difference between you and The Doors themselves, great cover!" -jon_swicegood1 on Instagram………."You sound just like Jim ☺ love it. And I love how you all tried to even capture all of the same mannerisms as The Doors when they would perform live. Ugh you guys are just great!!!"-havingapartywithmaddy on Instagram………."Hello! You are the best The Doors tribute experience I ever heard. Perfect music. Perfect voice. From Russia with love."-Cerg B., Moscow, Russia………."Oh god, so perfect, your voice is like Jim Morrison's"-paulismyeroticdream on Instagram………."Sounds EXACTLY like the doors and Jim Morrison! I told my dad that it was the doors live and he believed me! Perfect match!"-maddifranco_xo on Instagram………."I am dying to see you. I am a huge doors fan, and listening to you makes me feel like it's really him. I'd love to come see you all in person!"-madilynbeddingfield on Instagram………."You should definitely consider traveling around to other places to play shows! I would be so thrilled to see a great tribute band of my favorite band, The Doors. You guys are awesome!"-Kathryn D., Windsor Heights, WV………."So I'm obsessed with you guys. From the videos- you are the best tribute band I've heard so far- and I have seen many."-doorslove on Instagram………."This is beautiful. I would pay big money to see The Dirty Doors perform. ☺"-toastedinmormonville on Instagram

Our Fire is Lit

The Dirty Doors want to wish all our friends an awesome holiday season, filled with warmth, merryness, and gratitude. We're taking a restful "break - on - through" the holidays, but will return in early 2014 with some great shows, right out of the gate! Don't miss our return to the Red Brick Brewry on Friday, January 10th. Its a great way to start your year with great beer, cool games, and of course - awesome music! Then a benefit at Blind Willie's on the 18th (Jan). We'll be tailoring our set in True Blues fashion with the best of the Door's. We're the Dirty Doors...and you don't get any dirtier than the blues! See ya there!!

Abbey Road in Marietta

Abbey Road will showcase The Dirty Doors Friday night, 18 OCT amidst other local bands providing great music. Break on through with us @ 10pm and show this venue, We’re good enough. We’re smart enough. And dog gone it, People Like Us!! 2940 Johnson Ferry Road, Marietta, GA Got friends who haven’t heard of us yet? Show ‘em how Retro-Cool you are: Like us & Share. Thanks!

Ray Manzarek has broken through...

Monday, May 20, 2013. At the age of 74, Ray arrived at the Other Side. A founding member of The Doors; his organ glisses, grooves, and vamps have literally moved thousands. He was an amazing musician who contributed to some of the best rock ‘n’ roll ever created. It’s difficult to hear even one Doors song without being transported to a precious or pivotal moment in life or history.

Our thoughts are with his bandmates, family, friends…and fellow fans. It’s not the end. His music and that of The Doors is timeless, relevant, and immortal.

Thanks for all the great music, Ray. And thank you for recognizing and encouraging the immense talent that was Jim Morrison.

The Dirty Doors

The Family Dog

Friday May 3rd: Incredible show! Terrific venue and staff! Great band, great music! And an absolutely SPECTACULAR crowd!! We want to thank all the friends, fellow musicians, and Doors enthusiasts who ventured through the start of a very rainy weekend to hear us. We commend you and dub you all, Honorary Riders on the Storm. The reward for your soggy efforts was a truly phenomenal show: Epic works such as When the Music’s Over and The End were intensely emotional, and dare we say, “Spiritual” experiences. Upbeat and driving songs were over-the-top fun and invigorating. You have awesome vibe, and we are continuously fueled by your Energy! From the very beginning, Brent and Jason (Soundman and GM) were incredibly hospitable and mesmerizingly accommodating. Before the very beginning, Steve was receptive and encouraging; getting us booked in a timely manner. Thanks. We’ll talk soon about coming back…soon!

Let's get together...one more time....

The Dirty Doors

Loco's Gig!

Wow!! Each new show just seems to get better and better! We had a fantastic time at Loco’s Grill in Buckhead this past weekend. The StoneBerrys were rockin’ the joint, putting pressure on us to keep the excitement building. And if the crowd’s enthusiasm was any indication, we did not disappoint! Cunningham (mgr) and T at the door really took care of us. Thanks also to Jake, Charlie and the crew upstairs, who served up “taste-bar-none” food and service. Bruce at the helm en-Shure’d unmatched quality of sound for both bands. A couple more gigs at Locos and we’ll be too spoiled for the rest! We’d definitely be remiss if we didn’t profusely thank Maria Rossoto. She video graphed the show, capturing all the excitement, the energy, and intensity of each song. Oh yeah, and framed fantastic shots, too. (No small coincidence she knows every Doors song inside-out). You’ll be seeing her handiwork soon.

But most of all, we want to thank all of you for spreading the word and coming out to the show. Be sure to check our gig page regularly as new performances are being posted every week. ‘looking forward to seeing you out there. Peace…

Let’s get together…one more time!

The Dirty Doors


Many Thanks to all of you who came out to North River Tavern last night. And for the great energy you added to an already phenomenal show. You took us over the top! And big time gratitude to our brother-in-blues, Rob “Robmonica” Agocs, adding his usual awesome harmonica wonderment to several songs along the way. Check Rob out at www.robagocsmusic.com or soundcloud.com/rob-agocs-music.

Special thank yous to the fantastic people at North River Tavern, who (not only take great care of their patrons, but) bathed us in hospitality from the load-in. If you’re a band, and want a great gig experience, play here! If you just love to hear terrific live music, NRT should definitely be on your "regular" list. We’ll back!

The Dirty Doors

Q. Hey Dirty Doors: ARE THEY REAL?

A. Yes. “They're real…and they are spectacular.”

We’re talking about our fans, and the numbers that they generate. Let’s be candid…and ethical. Sure we’re musicians and love to play, but this is also a business and we want to make money…honestly. (BTW our product is worth every penny). Like anyone else, we generate business by contacting potential clients (venues), advertising our services (websites), and providing them with samples of product (music/gigs) and customer testimony. (Make no mistake, fans and song plays are testimony of real product use by real people.) So it makes sense that any of us would expect good faith and truth in this or any other transaction, be it an oil change or visit to the grocery store. If we, The Dirty Doors, were mechanics and claimed that thousands of people have enjoyed our services, yet we’ve only worked on ten cars, we’d be liars. We’d soon be out of business. The Laws of the Universe are inescapable. You reap what you sow.

If The Dirty Doors bought into the fear that we couldn’t procure gigs without fabricating numbers to somehow impress club owners, who (no doubt) can perform simple math and compare numbers to gigs…what would that say about our integrity, or the value we place on our fans? Or the respect we have for the venue? Or even the faith we have in our music? Ouch! Some of our website neighbores are not going to like this. But as Jim Morrison, himself, once said, ”…Wake Up …!!!!!!” Among our heroes of uncompromised website integrity are artists like The Jagged Stones; (159 fans) who play exciting energy-packed shows every weekend. Or Gwen Hughes (just under 600), who is a masterful songstress; meaningfully touches lives, and routinely frequents Europe. Check them out on reverbnation, FB, or Google their sites. Class acts…and class people!

Every fan matters to us! That’s why we refuse to prevaricate, duplicate, or fabricate any one of you…because you’re perfect! At the writing of this blog, our fan total is 178, 262 songs played, 58 videos viewed, etc… Not necessarily overwhelming stats, but significant to us…and we might add, credulously proportional to our efforts so far: TWO gigs, plenty of social mediation and face time with club owners. Add to this the awesome show we’re playing at North River Tavern on March 2nd. Don’t Miss It!!! And more great shows to come! We continue to form great relationships with FANTASTIC musicians, bands, and venues. In the coming weeks, we’re adding more songs and creating professional-grade videos. And we’re doing this with humble gratitude and respect for every one of you whose praise and support we continue…to EARN. That is the real deal. And it is spectacular…and so are we…and so are you.

Peace(Frog) and Peace Out

The Dirty Doors