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Jamie Richardson Jr / Blog

Local Rank 3

Our local rank is number 3 on the reverbnation country music charts, a big thanks to the 3500 viewers and 2200 followers, thank yall so much, Been talking with a producer to get a much better sound and using one good vocalists instead of many different singers. Hopefully we will get something rolling soon and add more songs.

Reverbnation Views

Im amazed since yesterday at 338 pm, we have had over 100 reverbnation page views, thats awesome to me, thanks to everybody

Songs on my Reverbnation account

Just wanted to inform everyone who listens to our songs and your either on reverbnation or using my facebook player to play my songs, track 4 has 2 songs on it, The Shape Im In and Lucky Man, these were uploaded from casette format so please for give me for the air noise in between songs. Thanks

Jamie Richardson Jr

This weekend we hit over 2000 friends, followers and fans on our reverbnation account, also we have 3000 views, song plays and vid views, Thanks everyone who has visited our site thru twitter, facebook, youtube and reverbnation, We will try to post new songs soon...


Now we are 38 away from hitting the big 2000 mark, with 2800 song and vid views, Think we will hit 2000 by sunday, Thanks Yall. Gotta get some more new demos up.

Jamie Richardson Jr.

Yall we are 65 reverbnation fans or facebook likes or twiiter and youtube followers away from hitting the big 2000 mark. I hope we hit it by the weekend, Thanks to everybody for helping

ReverbNation Page

We are 2 facebook likes, youtube subs, twitter followers or reverbnation fans away from hitting the 1000 mark. Thanks to everybody.


We are currently ranked number 2 for our area in Tn, also we are 4 fb likes, twitter followers or youtube subs away from the 1000 mark on our reverbnation page.

Jamie Richardson Jr, Songwriter

Just want to say thanks to all who listen to or check our songs out, thanks to Reverbnation, Twitter, Facebook and Youtube.