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Affirmary / Blog

Affirmary - Discociation

The process of positive outcome, from thought to song to reflection, music to us, as a species, cannot have a negative outcome until we reflect on what we hear and make it so.

The 3rd Bit

Machines are by nature

A binary system

They are either on or off

Or a complex sequence of both

A symphony of harmonious

Switches working together

Their flaws inherent

Received from us

The third bit

Our bodies work

Off of this duality

We cannot help but

To split things

Down the middle

Body and mind

Wrong or right

The will is by definition

The third bit

We are machines of nature

Precision riddled

With flaws and variables

A trinary system

Is on the horizon

We know deep down

Inside that we

Are bound by

The laws of

Machine nature

Our nature

The third bit

The Affirmary explained

We choose not be a band, but rather hunter/gatherers of sounds, grooves, and an array of emotions captured in a unique package. We live for the music. We do not wish to be categorized into specific genres. We are also open to new perspectives from listeners. Feel free to give us feedback. We will humbly accept.