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Ehud The Otaku / Blog

the hidden village

so yeah i am a nerd, and to most ppl thats an insult, but to me its a badge of honor. not in the sense that my way of life is better than any other but im just not ashamed of showing who i am. in society ppl look at nerds ppl like they are part of some lower class, for me there is no higher class or lower. there are two groups of ppl: the real and the posers. what i love about otakus, nerds, or any person that lives that life style is that even though they were masks (cosplay) they are honest about who they want to be, even though they are constantly judged they dont judge others they keep to themselves. they are their own little nation, who like to live their lives and i love them. my music is for them as well as my art. i never really done a blog before so i guess this is it. much love everyone