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A'mari "DJ Mona-Lisa" / Blog

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DJ Mona-Lisa|Wedding Day Catastrophe|BlogTalkRadio

Amari (DJ Mona-Lisa) admits to being married and shares the truth about her life. Follow A'mari at http://twitter.com/djmonalisa.

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DJ Mona-Lisa|Hollywood Gossip|BlogTalkRadio

A'mari (DJ Mona-Lisa) talks about celebrities that she hates and why she hates them. She also mentions how much she hates being a celebrity in the radio industry.

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DJ Mona-Lisa|Sex and Dimensions|BlogTalkRadio

A'mari (DJ Mona-Lisa) discusses the aspects of sex on a new dimension that will satisfy your soul and make you feel completely whole. The dynamics of sex and all that one can truly accomplish by learning the logics.

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DJ Mona-Lisa|Chosen Vessel|BlogTalkRadio

A'mari (DJ Mona-Lisa) inspires, motivates and empowers the people who who are marked for success. She reveals the key to success that will open up all doors.

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DJ Mona-Lisa|Love Letters I Wrote|BlogTalkRadio

A'mari (DJ Mona-Lisa) publishes the love letters that she wrote to her true love.

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DJ Mona-Lisa|Tainted Sheets|BlogTalkRadio

Sex-how important is it after you've been through so much? The one you love is not around after you fall. Your blessing needs to be restored and you need to stand tall but meet upon more and more road blocks. What could be preventing you from attaining all that you ever dream of? Could it be the abortion that you took or allowed, the woman or man that you left behind, the money you borrowed but never gave back? Amari (DJ Mona-Lisa) helps you to examine yourselves so you can succeed again. Kindly...

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DJ Mona-Lisa|Tainted Love Pt 2|BlogTalkRadio

Veneice Fung-Chung aka Amari (DJ Mona-Lisa) tells her story of being homeless while attending Full Sail University. She relates her personal ordeals-the goals she set for herself and the missions accomplished.

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DJ Mona-Lisa|Tainted Love Pt 1|BlogTalkRadio

Veneice Fung-Chung aka Amari (DJ Mona-Lisa) reports about homelessness in America. She shares her personal experience with others in eight episodes of Tainted Love then advises other people who fall in the same situation how to get out in episodes nine and ten. A story of homeless, abandonment and the will to carry on.

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DJ Mona-Lisa|Tainted Love|BlogTalkRadio

Amari (DJ Mona-Lisa) shares her love for Jesus Christ; her disloyalty and His unfailing love for her. She testifies of recent miracles in her life and relates secrets that she have kept to herself. The intro of a ten part series aired LIVE on Blog Talk Radio. Follow Amari (DJ Mona-Lisa) at http://twitter.com/djmonalisa.

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DJ Mona-Lisa|Fabulous Girls Vs Slim Bitches|BlogTalkRadio

DJ Mona-Lisa relates to women who are often considered to have weight issues. The sexy sensational broadcaster motivates and encourages ladies worldwide. The most motivational podcast  made available to Fabulous Girls lost in this "wretched" world. http://twitter.com/djmonalisa http://facebook.com/djmonalisa http://youtube.com/user/thesexymonalisa

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