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Jake Marsh Trio / Blog


There have been a few setbacks along the way but the Trio is officially hitting the studio in late Summer, 2014 to record a follow up to 2010's, "Lie Me Down". This will be the band's first studio effort with drummer, Nigel Goodridge. The EP will feature at least 5-6 tracks including an uptempo number called, "Freak in the City". The band will be going into the project with the intent to capture a raw, less polished sound and don't be surprised if a few of the tracks include horns or a saxophone in place of a guitar solo. "This one is about having fun and feeling good. There's not too much depth to it lyrically. Hopefully you can push play and smile." (JM)


There are a few new tracks being played live at JMT shows. One tune is the somewhat out of place & Doors-esque "Bulldog Blues". JM explains the stories behind the new music:


"The song "The Seams" is really upbeat and has a bit of a hippie feel to it. I just started thinking about and visualizing what it would look and feel like to be having a great time at a concert in the 60's or something. I just wrote the trippiest lyrics I could. Its not about being on drugs (don't let the dragons & rainbows fool you) or anything destructive like that...Its about feeling free. Its meant to be weird but you can feel good listening to it.

"Bulldog Blues" is about the people in life that try to drag you down or tell lies about your and talk mess to make themselves feel better. I picture that type of person as a big slobbering bulldog, bogarting and shoving their way all over the place...knocking crap over etc.

I was so angry when I sang it that in the demo I'm literally screaming. I felt like I just finished a fight and won after I layed the vocal down. Its like nothing we've ever played before. The lyrics are very personal. Yes, it is indirectly written about a specific individual or two...but so are most of my songs.

None of this stuff is supposed to be too deep or super reflective. Its supposed to be fun! Nobody should get their feelings hurt. Its music. I'd think it was cool if someone wrote a song about me. Even if the picture wasn't too pretty."