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Beefy Ed / Blog

Save Me Today

I think I may need you to save me today, to save me today! I was on my way I didn't know where to turn I didn't know where to turn. I see you walking my way but I don't know what to say I just don't know what to say. I hear you ask me if I know where I am goin' but I don't know where I'm going. Then you showed me the way and said that I'll be ok that everything will be great. You've got to follow the Sun and the feel in your heart, that's the right place to start from.

$BeeFY eD*

We've been bred and television fed through these satellites and these powerlines to feed our heads and free our heads...

$BeeFY eD*

What up beefsters??? Beefy Ed going to the moon, it's alright, you better get up, or get down, cause I can see, you gotta save me today, but it seems like yesterday, in Flatrock USA we were Crusin' to the Alphabox to See you again.