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Quote of the day

"Focus on your talent/gift...Master it until you perfect it!"

I know for every one of us on here that quote rings true...we are all works in progress working towards the dream of one day possibly doing this for a living.

I just always think that no matter what people say or no matter where my level of talent may be, I gotta keep pressing through even when I feel like I am a rain drop of talent in the ocean of talent that's out there these days. I'll just keep on being that rain drop till I become something more.

Love being a part of this!

I am glad to be a part of this awesome community of artists that spans our globe. It is an amazing day that we live in when artists all over the world can come together and support one another. I raise my glass and wish success to all of my reverb friends and to all of the friends to come...May even one of us find that road to success!