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Closing out 2013

I've discovered something over the last few months while composing, networking and all the other wonderful things that accompany the creative process and getting it out there to share.

I don't like blogging.

There - I've said it.

I really don't. Blogging once a week seems to be a real chore. I can't imagine coming up with enough words to throw at this every day and still have something interesting to share with anyone.

Maybe something will change that in the coming weeks - something to talk about at least once a week? And really, what would you really want to know about me?

These are the questions that plague me when I sit down to write anything resembling a blog.

Why did I finally post something today? I have no idea. Maybe it was just to throw this thought out there. Am I alone in my dislike of blogging? I know that it's the "in" thing to do as part of the "connect and network" idea.

But really I have to ask, do you really want to know every time I have a random thought that circles my head like a drunken fairy that stayed too long at the party?

Weeble Wobble Buddah

This week – looking at 3 different feature film projects that maybe using some of my creations. I’m honored to be considered for this. I have a few pet projects that I’m making steady progress on too.

I started as a keyboardist for a local band and later moved on to doing other things. It’s a different kind of obsession to write and compose music. Now after working very hard over the years, I’m focusing on creating music for films and for fun.

Where does it come from? Everything and everyone around me, has had some sort of influence on the stream of music that flows from inside me to the instruments and then out for you to hear. Audio is my paintbrush. Visual and life around me are the inspirations.

I don’t deny that much of what I create is very inspired from beyond. I am a spiritual person [not religious] and I do call myself the Angry Buddhist.

Yes I work at the Buddhist concepts every day and I do it because it makes me happy.

I am also a realist. By accepting the fact that I get angry and embracing it, I find that I can make fun of it. It’s hard to stay angry when you are laughing at yourself.

When I get mad, I visualize myself as a weeble-wobble Buddah. See – now you’re smiling too.

Revelations & Illuminations

This week has been filled with many.

What do you do with your free time? Yes I’m actually asking you.

You might ask me, “Why?”

My answer is pretty simple. “I’ve forgotten what it’s like to have free time. Anything away from my regular job [yes I still have a J.O.B.] is usually planned out & most of the time, around the schedules of other people who have to also hang on to their real job because they haven’t yet won the lottery.

Well, if I do ever win the lottery, I will be taking a real vacation. I have never actually taken a real vacation, but don’t feel bad. I’ve always had things I wanted to do or felt I needed to do. More than once I have cashed out the vacation time for a check because I couldn’t justify time away from what I was working on.

I have a feeling I will learn how to find some time in the near future.

It’s not that I’m a work-a-holic. I actually enjoy the hours I spend writing new music and creating new things. Some people go to the movies. Some people play video games. Some peeps shop til they drop while others prefer beer and billiards. I just really am not good with the shopping, booze, and all that.

I just plug in and start writing. Like a great book, it becomes a fun filled journey finding something new within the endless pool of ideas that overflows in my brain.

Now, when you think about this from a different angle, I’m kind of getting a mini vacation weekly. So back to this piece I’m working on. Crossing fingers to have a mix to share in the morning.

So … really, what do you do with your free time? Or maybe, what was your favorite place to visit on vacations?


Sleepless but not Dreamless

Sometimes the hardest part of what you do when creating, is realizing that it really is time for a change of scenery. I've lived in the same building for about three and a half years, patiently waiting for things to be fixed by a landlord that just couldn't see it was his job.

After the latest bite of the cold and the failing heat, my hands [and most of the rest of me] took a real beat down and have been giving me a little more grief than was necessary. I have decided it's time for a change of residence to a different apartment.

The funniest thing, is when I'm chatting with residents that had no idea I was a composer or musician. I guess they assume we are just loud and obnoxious party animals. I explained that I'm not much of a party type and well, I just never got around to playing drums. This of course is subject to change. Lucky for me, technology makes it easier to hide my learning curve from the other peeps in the building when I do get to it. [yes I said when - it's never too late to try something new] *grins*

~Ciao til later

Getting Ahead or Behind? Stop that Clock!

So it has been almost a week, and I’m still watching the time slip by a little faster than I would like. Most of the things I’m working on are just a lot of deadlines I’ve set for myself. I do have a tendency to schedule things a little on the heavy side for myself.

There are always at least [3] must be done yesterday kinds of things. Most of the time, my idea of “done yesterday” is up to me and I like to get the best possible work done, quickly and out the door to the recipient. If I tell them give me [2] weeks, I expect I can do it in a week and then get OCD on it for at least one more before I let them keep it. I think this comes with the business of creating. I would love to hear from others that read my ramblings. Do you obsess on certain details or just get the concept down and then wait for feedback before tweeking the crap out of your mix?

Well, back to the last leg of an edit job I’m finishing. I didn’t really have a time limit which is good since it turned into something that involved a lot of careful finesse to get the images blended together. Yes, I actually do a little of that “film edit” stuff too. Truth is I find that I’m turning into one of those true-blue renaissance artists. I learned how to do a lot of things because I just didn’t have anyone to ask for help for a long time.

It’s not all bad though. Now when I ask someone if they want to work with me on something and they want to know if I have ideas, I usually can show them some sort of example. My only wish now, I wish I was a drummer. I’m sure I could be if I bought the kit. *grins*

-Ciao til next week (hopefully this weekend I’ll have some new tracks to add too)

Creation & Zen

It’s true I’ve had a membership sign up for a couple of months now, and still haven’t uploaded any music just yet. I do have a few things that I plan to share over the coming weeks, things to give you an idea what I’ve been working on for myself and for other people around the area (film, tv, commercials, etc).

Making time for all things you want to do will always be the hardest part of the day. It’s really hard to say no to opportunities to step outside the comfort zone you find yourself in and stretch a little beyond what comes as easy as breathing.

Tonight, I’ve been busy working on some boring paperwork and getting ready to do the thing we all kind of have a disdain for – taxes.

There is a loaf of fresh homemade bread that just came out of the oven and the temptation is really hardcore to get into it while it’s still warm. It’s one of the things I do when I am “working out” stuff in my head, usually a new idea. The recipe is super easy if you want to give it a try – just ask & I’ll post it. Why not? =)

Sometimes it’s cleaning. The smell of Pine Sol seems to be a Zen inducing moment that clears the clutter to let me get back to the pen, paper and keys. I’m sure everyone has a thing they use – their own personalized Zen trigger.

These little things I do; sometimes it’s just about remembering where I come from, and sometimes it’s just because I don’t like the taste of bread I buy at the store.

Would love to hear what you do to keep grounded when things get a little crazy during the creation process.

–Ciao –Jayde