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Pamela Harper-Bowman / Blog

Living Over

I was asked this question and it seems to be the hardest question to answer. As I think about an answer, I have concluded that my good years out number my bad years. Now that's something to shout about. What is your reply? If you could live one year of your life over what year would it be and why?

This Will Preach

He Fails Not... He Changes Not... Challenge Your Faith.... Lean on The Lord... The End is Better than the Beginning.. It's Over... Loss Your Faith and Get Some Faith.... The Devil Can't Stop You...You Stop Yourself... Get Ready Before it's Time to Go.... This Journey is Important!

Jesus is listening

Hello Everyone!

I am indeed grateful to everyone who is listening to my music. I am also thankful for all comments. I have been trying something and I want to share with you. You know when things don't go right... we begin to have a bad day... then we begin talking to the devil. We tell him what he is not going to do. Why do we talk to the devil? Why do we entertain him? Sometimes we give the devil too much credit. Sometimes it is simply us making things bad. Sometimes, yes it is the enemy working on us because God is working on us. You know the devil is in competition with God. But.... I am practicing calling on the name of JESUS because it is written even the devil trembles at the name of JESUS. I am not talking to the devil...I'm taking it straight to JESUS. Stop talking to the devil. JESUS is listening!

Turn on the devil

The next time the devil tries to remind you of your failures, You remind him of his failures. Nathan L. Elms


Miracles In Hard Places by Rev. Jerry Holland

http://www.apostolicradiocharlotte.com Up Lifting... the Truth... Word! Enjoy!

Hide Under a Rock

I was having a conversation with my son. At 20 years of age, he is still trying to decide what he wants to be when he grows up. The conversation was good until I began to flip off my tongue. My tongue began to function before my brain. He paused and allowed me to get it all off my chest. I actually didn’t allow him to finish his thoughts. I only assumed I knew where he was going in the conversation. Come to find out I was sooooooooo wrong. However, it was too late. The damage was seen on his face and I heard the hurt in his voice. The words could not be replaced. I couldn’t take the words back. I could only ask him for forgiveness and pray he would place the entire conversation into the sea of forgetfulness. Yes…. I wanted to hide under a rock. Here are a few beneficial references to the story. I am sure they will keep you from hiding under a rock. Exodus 4:10-I am slow of speech, and of slow tongue Nahum 1:3- The Lord is slow to anger James 1:19: Slow to speak, slow to wrath Allow your children to complete their thoughts Always be willing to honestly ask for forgiveness Psalms 141:3 Set a watch, O Lord, before my mouth: keep the door of my lips


I was preparing breakfast when I thought about everything I didn’t want to eat, didn’t have to cook and so on. Out of the blue, I began to stare into my pantry. It was overflowing. My refrigerator and freezer overflowing .My closet overflowing with clothes and shoes. I looked up at a ceiling, looked down I stood on a floor, looked to my left and right there were walls. I didn’t have to sleep under the stars. These are some blessings we take for granted. God said he’ll supply our needs. He is a man that will not, cannot lie. Let’s be grateful for what we have. Our blessings are overflowing. Bless God for it all today!

The To-do-List

Tuesday my to-do- list was a mile long. I sat at my computer for hours. Finally, I could not take any more failures. Frustration began to sink in. So I decided to take a cheesecake break. While taking the cheesecake break, I took time out to pray. I asked God to help me complete the tasks. Sometimes, he leaves it up to us to make the simple decisions. I returned to my desk and reviewed the list. I realized it wasn’t important to complete every task on the list. “To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven”. Ecclesiastes 3:1. You may have a to-do-list. If so, before allowing frustration to take over… relax, take a break and prioritize your to-do-list. There are many things we want to happen in our lives. There are many things we feel should happen immediately in our lives. But think on Ecclesiastes 3:1. Besides, Life is too short … you are too blessed to be stressed. Stress kills the mind, body and soul.

I Have a Dream

Wednesday Wisdom

I Have a Dream

I am currently organizing a musical camp. My mind is filled with excitement! I dream a lot about the camp. However, for a few seconds, I did the unthinkable. I allowed thoughts of fear; doubt, rejection, and failure invade my mind, my soul.

I have a dream that one day through my business of “Voice & Piano for the Novice, many children will enjoy embracing music through vocal and piano experiences.

We all dream. Some of us dream big dreams…some of us dream small dreams… some of us fear to dream. Proverbs 29:18: “Where there is no vision, the people perish. Search your heart and find your dream. God has given us the tools to fulfill our dreams. Whatever is in our heart is God’s vision for us. He will guide you if you simply ask.

I believe my dreams are in place. The work really has been completed. Go fulfill your dreams!

Psalms 37:4, Delight thyself also in the Lord: and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.


Today I asked God to show or tell me what I needed to improve my walk with him. First I heard Faith.... then I randomly opened the pages of two different books. The subject was Faith...there is more.... I viewed my FB page and there it was again. Faith. We walk by faith and not by sight. Well, God answered my prayer. Gotta' have more Faith. Trust and never doubt. It's one thing to quote scriptures but you only see results when you act upon and believe the God's word.I'm going on a Faith walk. Exercising my Faith should be awesome workout!