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Bennington / Blog

New Blog Series-"Utilizing the DIY World"

We will be releasing a new blog series called, "Utilizing the DIY World." Here is an excerpt from the series to come:

"So you’ve finally decided that music is your calling—it’s what you imagine yourself doing for the rest of your life. Congratulations--and welcome to the understaffed, underfinanced, and over-capacitated party of what we call: the Music Biz. Don’t bother picking up a nametag; people will only start caring about you when they see an incentive in doing so. Until then, there is an ever-so popularized term that carries with it a special elegance in foregoing this direct chasm that determines success from failure: Do It Yourself (DIY). Being that I just finished my first DIY album, I thought I would share my experiences of the process in hopes of helping other musicians/bands who are in the same position."