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WEAK13 Release album preview "Sex Pest'

GRUNGE band Weak13 have posted their latest music video on YouTube ahead of a first debut full studio album which they are currently in the process of recording.

The music video was filmed at Stourbridge’s Base Studio in Rufford Road during February and features a number of cameo appearances from members of other Midlands-based bands including Left For Red, Last Under The Sun, Spearmint 6, Kerosene Queen, Beloved Breakdown and Birthrite.

The song, called Sex Pest, is a taste of what is to come from the band on their next album which is due for release in December.

Weak13 bass player, Wesley Smith, said: "Sex Pest is a small example. This album will show people what the three of us can do as musicians. The writing is completely in the zone right now."

The band's vocalist and guitar player, Nick J Townsend, said: "We're not revealing any of the other tracks on the album until it's completed. We aim to not just record an album but to make this one of the greatest rock albums ever.

"This music video has a lot of people from all over the Midlands involved with the production, it was a team effort.

"I think we all did a great job with this one and as a film student myself I hope we have made a good piece of small cinema."

WEAK13 – Sex Pest (Official Music Video) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5vhPVdTwJl8

NEWS: WEAK13 release experimental album titled LIVE AMMO.

The new WEAK13 release titled LIVE AMMO is available to download from http://weak13.bandcamp.com and is completely free for fans. The album is a very experimental release and it has been in the pipeline for at least two years. Below is some insight into the making of the album.

WEAK13 – LIVE AMMO LIVE AMMO is a live experimental album and a music experience, a test of a musician. Rules for recording the album were made first. British musician Nick J.Townsend agreed with Live sound engineer Ian ‘Crazy Mule’ to make a record together but all the instruments & vocals had to be recorded in the first take and everything was to be recorded live using analogue, “whatever goes on record stays on it”, leaving it raw and natural sounding, there will be no audio mistakes.

This agreement between musician and engineer meant that everything had to be thrown into each recording take and every song was taken very serious. Real tears, love and pain are all captured on this record.

Each song was also recorded hours after a near death experience, a broken relationship or a life changing series of events and emotions. Nick agreed that he would only record a song whenever an emotion suiting the song would surface.

Nick moved home to live with the engineer so that he could be on standby in order to perform when the time was right. In over six months the two of them got to know each other well, knew each others strengths and bonded.

During this time the pair visited music shops to buy Vintage amps for particular songs, shopped for old instruments, came up with un-orthodox recording techniques and improvised where possible.

On some tracks extra background noise was encouraged and used as an instrument of it’s own in order to give texture and warmth to certain parts of songs. Recording was always a subject matter during the six months but life and moving forward was the most important avenue for both of them. LIVE AMMO is the final result and a dedication to live analogue recording and music improvisation.

WEAK13 playing LIVE at BASEMENT FEST 2011

http://www.twitter.com/weak13 WEAK13 appearing LIVE at BASEMENT FEST 2011 which is coming exclusively to The Roadhouse. The UK's first ever Basement Fest brought to you by popular underground heavy metal podcast radio station BASEMENTSOUND.CO.UK which is World famous for playing some of the most obscure, underground and deadly bands on the planet. This festival also supports Oxjam. 17 acts are playing at this years first ever BASEMENT FEST from Midday till Midnight on Saturday August 20th 2011. Two Stages with some of the most popular bands and acts played on metal radio including UNDER BLACKENED SKIES, IMPERIAL CIRCUS, MAXDMYZ, WEAK13, REIGN OF FEAR, MANTIS DEAFEATS JAGUAR, SHE SCREAMS MURDER, LEFT FOR RED, EIGHT GREAT FEARS, and ACTION REPLAY. Plus an unplugged stage featuring BECKY ROSE, SUZIE SMART, ESTHER TURNER, DAVID ELLIS, TOM LLOYD, ;TOM &; JAMES and ;GEORGIA SZYGOWSKA. Only £;5 a ticket for this all day event which will be one of the most loudest events you'll be at this summer. Tickets available from www.theroadhouserocks.com or by calling 0121 246 2273. The Roadhouse, Wharfside Leisure Complex, Lifford Lane, Stirchley, Birmingham, B30 3DZ


RED MONSTER RECORDS release three WEAK13 singles

Red Monster Records release three WEAK13 singles NOTHING TO LOSE, WAKE DOWN and LUNATIC. All three are avialble on AMAZON.COM. ITUNES, EMUSIC and NAPSTER.