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Who's liking "Filia"?

Well it's been just over a week since Filia was added to our band profile on facebook and reverbnation and it's seems to have got us a lot of plays. We're made up that people are liking it as much as they are so thanks guys! Also for those that don't know and wondering what or who Filia is about, well it's actually about a place in Skiathos that has become a favourite of mine and Mandy's (my wife). Coincedently it's also a popular name for a girl in Greece too which appealed to Dave and I that this could be interpreted as a love song also.

Anyway enough ramblings for now, new songs on the way very soon until then....... :-)

New song "Unconditional"

So we have a new song "Unconditional" written by Dave. Basically written from the perspective of a father to his unborn baby. Unashamedly auto-biographical with a beautiful and simple folk arrangement. We hope you enjoy!

J D PETERSON & THE RENEGADES  (5 months ago)

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