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Jared "Doc" Estes / Blog

T & G 008 - Insomnia EPPR16

For Tongue & Groove Records 8th release we are teaming with Prosity Records! Along with Prosity Records we are happy to present a joint release! For Prosity Records #30 we have: Jared “Doc” Estes – Insomnia EPPR16! This EP contains 4 tracks including No Death Will Stop The World and Hopscotch & Gretchen. The EP can be heard directly on Prosity Records website and the full EP can be downloaded on ARCHIVE.ORG where you can find many other Prosity Records releases and some great Grateful Dead live recordings! The artwork of this EP and all other Tongue & Groove releases is thanks to Anna Campbell, without her we could not do this! The Physical CD includes one bonus track – The Ranger & His Love, not included on any of my other releases, get the Physical CD from me (pm/or message me)! Also, be sure to check out Dan Tindall’s album Pocket Full Of Changes here! The first five songs are some of the best successive acoustic songs I have heard in recent years ala Ani DiFranco! Visit Prosity Records here! Here's what Dan Tindall of Prosity Records has to say about this release: "Four songs in a modern folk style. Lyrical, tough, fast, tender, with spare arrangements and a human vocal in a singular rhythmic style. Jared 'Doc' Estes has a good thing going here and you should check it out and tune into some top work. Here is the Free direct download! All lyrics & music copyright JaredJEstes Music, all rights reserved. - Taken from the Tongue & Groove records home website -http://tonguegrooverecordswa.blogspot.com/

Tongue & Groove Records WA 005 - Jared's Insomnia Cafe

Tongue & Groove Records 005 - Jared's Insomnia Cafe is a true confessional singer-songwriter album by Jared "Doc" Estes. Tossing the harp aside for a more bare and poetry-driven approach "Doc" takes us on a wild ride through the night time rants of his mind. Insomnia Cafe truly attempts to blend traditional folk with the insomniatic confessional singer-songwriter aesthetic. On the 7 minute song 'A Psalm' and 6 minute song 'The Seeds of Change' "Doc" reaches his poetic climax. Meanwhile, the songs 'Cod'ine', 'I Was Born 10,000 Years Ago', and 'In The Pines' connect Jared to the traditional folk of the past. 'My Sweet Lord' similarly titled to the George Harrison song begins the album with an open but powerful start, leaning more towards the sounds of Soundgarden then George Harrison. As one listener explains 'there's a great raw, earth quality to your voice', and that's what Jared's trying to attain: a raw, earthy experience, full of honesty and with a strong connection to the traditional folk of the past.

As J Moss over at The Modern Folk Music of America explains - "jared 'doc' estes of olympia. washington, does folk with a loud, joyful, almost punkish swagger. his latest album, 'jared's insomnia cafe', is collection of quality originals and a few arrangements of traditional folk standards, including the great folk tunes 'codine' and 'in the pines'. the production is stripped down. ecstatic folk with an olympia touch."

We hope you enjoyed this plug in! Be sure to checkout Jared's most powerful album yet here and feel free to contact us directly for a free download of the entire album, here!

The actual post is here: http://tonguegrooverecordswa.blogspot.com/2014/03/005-jareds-insomnia-cafe.html

Recording new songs!!!!!! ;p

Back in the studio today to record some new tunes!!!! These songs will include and are not limited to (a full band sound) drums, guitar, electric bass, electric guitar, vocals, tamborine, etc... Hope to have some songs up to play and recording finished within the next 3 months.... Think rock n roll.....

Meanwhile here is A Psalm and the lyrics to it Listen HERE:http://jareddocestes.bandcamp.com/track/a-psalm

Read here: ------------ http://www.pinterest.com/pin/573083121304749454/

New 10 Track Album! 10-03-2013

Brand spanking new music! I have a new 10 track album, with some awfully fun tunes on them, played for your listening pleasure! The 'official' release for this is Oct. 3rd, 2013 and that's when i will began shipping out free copies, orders and other opportunities! I have copies of my brand new 10 track album 'Jared's Insomnia Cafe', My first demo 'Introducing Jared "Doc" Estes' and my other albums that you can checkout here: jaredsinsomniacafe.bigcartel.com; I will ship any number of copies of my albums to anywhere in the world, to you or your friends! Jared's Insomnia Cafe contains 7 originals and 3 covers of Buffy Sainte-Marie, Lead Belly and Traditional songs. Just comment, post or message me here for free copies! Anyone already on my mailing list gets free copies automatically! Peace & Love & free listening here: Jareddocestes.bandcamp.com

Thanks for all the artwork and design help Anna Campbell!

Brand new music!

Visit Jareddocestes.bandcamp.com for brand new music by Jared Estes the mind behind Jared "Doc" Estes, Grandpa Vern and The Secret Vanilla. Fun tunes, exciting music, cool listening tunes! Peace & Love to everyone!

Jared's Insomnia Cafe


Brand new big cartel store for physical copies of my music. Handmade, hand-numbered copies of Jared "Doc" Estes, Grandpa Vern and my brand new release Jared's Insomnia Cafe. Which may soon find songs for a backing band? I don't know, if someone wants to do this message me. Physical copies of Jared's Insomnia Cafe 10 track album this October. Peace & Love & Rock n roll or something......

Hey Everyone!

Thanks for taking anytime to check out my page Peace & Positivity to everyone - Email JaredJEstes@Gmail.com for a free copy of my Oct. 6th radio performance on KMAS 1030 AM Jared

Jared "Doc" Estes
Jared "Doc" Estes  (about 2 years ago)