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Busy, Busy, Busy!

Attention T.E.F. Fans and Friends: I am currently in the process of making some new beats for the next set/album "The Inner Beyond", and am about half-way done. I apologize for the delay, but am currently in the last semester of my schooling and preparing for Graduation.

Stay tuned, many new beats and changes to come. Keep it swell, ~E

Tantus Luctus (Maniacal Impact) - The Final release from Metally Challenged.


FINAL release from Metally Challenged!

T.E.F. friends, family, and fans: This Friday will mark the FINAL release from Metally Challenged! The Track is titled: Tantus Luctus (Maniacal Impact), due to scholastic endeavors this will be my final release for a while. So tune in and check it out! I hope you have enjoyed the Metally Challenged journey.

Keep it swell, Entity

NEW Metally Challenged release

Track 7 "Necrophasia" from Metally Challenged is now available on Soundcloud! https://soundcloud.com/theentityfiles Necrophasia: A perilous journey of depth, "phasing", and deception. Avoid being swayed by the trickster, for the path is unknown. *Collab honorable mention: Dean Howard

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Keep it swell, ~Entity

The 6th track from Metally Challenged is now Available!

Attention T.E.F. fans, Earth-Shattering Kaboom (track 6) from the Metally Challenged set is now available on Soundcloud! A blend of classic and industrial metal, fused with Hard Beats! https://soundcloud.com/theentityfiles Enjoy what you've heard, be sure to stop by the T.E.F. facebook page and show some love. https://www.facebook.com/pages/TEF-The-Entity-Files/165494363654209#

T.E.F. Fans!

The 5th track from Metally Challenged is now available on Soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/theentityfiles

The track is entitled kan-tang-ker-uhs *can·tan·ker·ous [kan-tang-ker-uhs] adj. disagreeable to deal with; contentious; peevish: a cantankerous, argumentative man.

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Another release form Metally Challenged!

Due to space concerns on Reverbnation, and me being cheap, the Metally challenged line-up will be released exclusively on Soundcloud.

The NEW release is titled ScatterFlow. ScatterFlow has it's very own distinctive flow and motion. Dreamy, flowing, grooving, yet retains it's METAL infusion. Honorable Collaboration mention: Dean Howard

Visit Soundcloud for a listen https://soundcloud.com/theentityfiles

T.E.F. Fans! New release!!!

The 3rd release from Metally Challenged "Notions of Aggression (Taming the Beast)" is now available at the soundcloud link. Be sure to stop by for a listen. https://soundcloud.com/theentityfiles Don't forget to visit the new facbook page and show some love, and as always feel free to share these links. https://www.facebook.com/pages/TEF-The-Entity-Files/165494363654209#

Keep it swell, Entity

"Metally Challenged" COMPLETE!

Alright, Alright, Alright..."Metally Challenged" is Complete! T.E.F.'s newest Metal infused album set. As some of you may know the first release AMR320 was posted in the last couple weeks as a "sneak peak", so without further ado the second release is titled "Ism".

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Songs will be released on the Soundcloud link, as they are too large for Reverbnation. https://soundcloud.com/theentityfiles

Keep it swell, Entity Lester

"Metally Challenged" update!

The time is merely upon us my loyal T.E.F. fans, friends, and family. Only one track remains until the release of "Metally Challenged", and the wait will be no more!

Posting should begin in roughly a weeks time. Stay Tuned....