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Father, Your word declares that I am a member of the family and treasures of our heavenly community. Father, where your word is there is light and understanding. Your word does not return to you void and will always accomplish it's purpose of grace. I accept my status and roll of the communicating of my faith and by acknowledgement of every good work that is in me in you. Father I apply my works, and the plans and cares of my destiny to you and entrust them fully to your word of devotional promise. You have caused all my thoughts to be agreeable to your will. So that my plans, dreams, and goals be established and succeed in the name of Jesus Christ, My Lord. I will humbly submit to all wisdom, practical perception and insight with prudence, which you have so lavished upon me with the riches and generosity of you blessed and gracious acceptance. Father, I here and now affirm your word by your strength with honest living and my work with my own hands so I may give to those in need. So we say in accordance to your grace, I provide for my own self and my own family. Thank you Father for providing all grace in every way and earthly blessing come to me in abundance that I, having all I need, may revive to every good work. In your name, Lord, my light shall so shine before all men that they may see my good works glorifying You, my heavenly Father. Thank you for this grace to remain diligent in seeking knowledge and skill in areas where i am inexperienced. I pray for your wisdom and the ability to understand righteousness and justice in all my relationships. I will say I am faithful and responsible to you and your Word. My life and goals are founded upon it's principles... Father thank you for the success of my life which I commit to you faithfully. Therefore; I am STRAYPOWER, The Warrior Within...


As we begin; Some thoughts on Authentic Leadership and the roles they play in a certain cultural community... There are topics that are intriguing to man that they may not understand. Comprehension and the ability to engage in these leadership skills we need to do carefully as to not create conflict between us. The Code of Ethics is revolved around communication and the skill of courage to take hold of the flame of passion for life as a leader. People don't fail because they want to, they fail because they lack the experience to develop a leadership position to then take that skill with perseverance to achieve their goal of success that they crave. So as far as our leadership skills we need to focus on concrete issues of the topic at hand and contribute to the best of our abilities as a team of unity...One Team, One Mission Therefore; The Strength of Our People...Edited By Don. Larsen.


Therefore; Our wish is to take this same passage and use it for a new vision of romance for a technical, literal and solid structure. You can review previously posted passages to take advantage of this kind of knowledge and skill. That is what I wish for you. Passages capable to unravel the imagination and fantasy. For the formation of our style and spirit. The power it contains is more precious than any other source of the imagination. It is the best way to learn to express our selves sincerely and noble, we try to read what is good for our senses. This will offer us an enjoyable experience not only to develop style and spirit, like we mentioned earlier. Such text looks like curiosity to discover our perception. I hope this is beneficial for you and for a positive source of enthusiasm. I remain truly yours, Don. Larsen.


We are expanding our possibilities when vibrant transcends reality. On a higher level of evolution and the trust we share. The golden age and the joy of discovery. A new dimension, astonishing and beyond... The conversion however is a simple reflection of how we view the beauty that lives among us. To achieve the unexpected and then follow through with the dream, naturally and free. To move on to a more creative level of knowledge and wisdom. Stunning, graphic, refined and evocative. The timeless moment, powerful. Majesty brings the natural peace to the surreal and realistically enjoyable. Therefore; The enthusiast and the sanctuary for curiosity. We are more than partakers of this magic of the phenomena of life we share and love. So we ask, Who am I?...Our psychological properties define the self...Ideas. What am I? A mind or a body?...Mutual interaction. Is there life after death? Am I immortal? Immorality of the soul...A dialogue. Moral responsibility. A contemporary defense of that free will. Therefore; What is the meaning of your life? BLACK DIAMOND...Don. Larsen.