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Foolsbane / Blog

New Fan Download FREE!

Hey everybody! We have released a Free Download to humbly say THANK YOU SO MUCH, for your support and good will... Thanks for coming to the shows, buying our merch, shouting and smiling from ear to ear, and keeping the energy alive! You are the reason we do what we do. We applaud you! As our way of showing how much we appreciate you all, here's the free download! It's a song we wrote a few years ago but it was only recorded as a demo and not released officially. We retooled it, had a blast making it, and now we give it to you! We hope you enjoy "It's Not Me (The World's Gone Crazy)" http://www.foolsbane.com/media/itsnotme/

The King And The Thief

It's here! Released June 2011, "The King And The Thief" is now on CDbaby soon making it's way to iTunes, Napster, Rhaspody, and other online music stores. Discs are available on Foolsbane.com along with band merch. We want to thank you, our fans and friends for being so patient for the release of this second half of our two album set called "The Curse of the Third Man". Please grab this album.

It is rumored that the first disc of the curse suite "Alpha" will be re-recorded and remastered. We have tossed this idea around since it's release back in 2009. Can't really say much beyond that, and nothing is certain yet, but one thing is for sure, we always want to bring you our music in the best format possible, complete with eyebrows. :)

What's this? A video you say? Video production has begun and we hope to have some good live footage coming your way very soon. We recently performed the entire curse suite and we were fortunate enough to get 5 camera angles and some handheld footage. Thanks to Greg at Diamondz (my personal favorite place to perform in southern Idaho) for well, just being so loaded with technical skills and good will.

Foolsbane is in tour mode. That's right, we are looking for dates to add to our 2011-2012 schedule. If you know of a venue you'd like to see us perform in, please contact our management, Micheal "Bear" Clair at nashvilleninja@hotmail.com. Let's get rolling!

Well that's it for now! You guys stay cool and remember we appreciate you all! Thanks for taking this journey with us!