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Kurve / Blog

Where to go....

Look deep into our musicology....It's US.

What we are about

There is an infinite combination of musical synthesis....lets go for it !!!


Because...ladies and gentlemen...boys and girls...we are U that celebrate life, music, and the spirit that brings US together. Bring no borders, preconceptions, prejudices, or judgment, and then we'll play. Michael Putnam

Find us!!

For those who search....we're also on Sound Cloud...so cool.

Too Chill

Press play all, turn off the phone, dim the lights, get a cool one...say Ahhh.

Music Showcased at VOA Conference

From the 9th through 11th June, Kurve will be the featured artist at the annual Volunteers of America convention being held in Denver..wish us luck!

Kurve  (6 months ago)

Made lots of friends and had a wonderful time. To all of my VOA friends, God bless you and thanks for the inspiration.

We're back

And we're gonna' be comin' to ya'.

Time Out

A very close friend passed away today...I love you all but will not be responsive...God Bless

Audio Settings

We down mix all our music at the highest MP3 resolution available to us. This is a musicians site...we deserve the best!!

Birth of a studio

Lost Horn Recording Studio is soon to be born...it will be our platform to the mainstream recording world...wish us success!!