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EnSpyre / Blog

Music Family

Thanks to all those that support me. You have my best wishes and support back. One Love. Peace.

RN Store Items for Sale

Please browse my RN store. Thanks for your love and support of my music and charitable cause. Peace and Love.

Label on Love

LOVE. ONE SIZE FITS ALL. Don't even have to try it on, to wear it. Made for everyone.


Although, I have experienced some setbacks, therefore. postponing my plans to release at least 2 songs by this year's end (2012), I am still determined to work towards a release in early (2013). I'll keep you updated. Peace and Love.

Mass Murders

My heart is crying right now, for those killed at the Connecticut Elementary School. All of these episodes, are senseless, to say the least.

Soul Train Awards

Enjoyed watching the Soul Train Awards last night! New Edition performance was great, overall. I also liked, Cedric (who also hosted), singing with music great, Eddie Levert "Casanova", they rocked it. One my very favorites, Mr. Stevie Wonder,put the "icing on the cake" at the end! Bravo!

I Need Love

I need a cyber hug. We're all in this together. Mm, Mm. Here's one back!

Power of Prayer

So many decisions, to be made, out there. And, it is no respect of person, age, or race. Therefore, when you are in a dilemna about making SOUND decisions, the wise step is to consult the best AUTHORITY. Pray to the all-knowing Master in Heaven for the RIGHT answers. And there's is no second opinion, necessary.

Soul Inspiration

As, it is said: "People make the world go around". And, so does music.

Straight from the Heart

I want to thank Reverbation, for creating a open forum for undiscovered talent to be showcased and heard locally, nationally, and internationally. And it doesn't matter where I rank on the list, just the fact that I am able to be a positive influence, through my music, via this vehicle. Therefore, in general, I am so thankful to be a included in your lineup, and to be recognized. And, If nothing more, this to me, is a blessing, inspiration, and reward, all-in-one, that is priceless. I now feel like I have found a "extended family" in you. Also, most importantly, too, I thank everyone who supports and listens. I am inspired by you, and I support you, as well.