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Big Dummies Blues Band / Blog

Hope's Dream

Inspired by the beautiful and talented Hope Sandoval. Her songs have a slow, haunting and wistful tone that make the mind and heart resonate for a past (and love) long gone.

Dance Little Dancer Dance Again

I wrote this song for my daughter's birthday. Some memories are timeless and express the love, wonder and art that is a daughter.

My Real Life

We can only hope that these poor people we see walking the dangerous streets of town, disheveled, homeless with minds lost in mental fogs, have special places where they can go to...

Suicide Bridge

This song was prompted by a visit to the Pasadena Bridge last year right after a young lady took her life. We saw the make shift altar left for her. It was an eerie and endlessly sad experience.

Pasadena's Suicide Bridge

Changed our site picture for October. This is Pasadena's suicide bridge. Pray and remember those poor souls who lost their lives there. Hello Mia!

Should I Live Or Should I Die

Beware of October romances for the dead and the dark are especially active this month. But the pain can be so sweet and perdition only lasts forever!

Cool Country Angel

We were messing around with some basic chord progressions and look what appeared - some good old country with a rock edge.

This Indian's Last Stand

Last week, I met this homeless man begging on the streets. He told me his story. Apache and a shattered life. It broke my heart.

Silver Road

Your car, your girl, youth and an endless road. What else is there in life?

The Daughters of West Mesa

I saw a story on the eleven women's bodies found buried in the New Mexican desert in 2009. Thinking of these poor troubled mothers, daughters, sisters abandoned and forgotten lying under a bright desert moon waiting to be found is the saddest thing in the world.