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People don't speak the Words they Mean. And they don't Mean the Words they say. I know this well, because I always See/Hear the classic scenario of people mistaking "Happiness" for "Positivity". They want to be "Positive", but all they mean is "Happy". They don't know how to be "Happy", so they play the victim of "Negative". Limited in Perspective Dimensions, at best. Really lacking in Self-Love & Self-Respect, at worst. To not Know what you're Saying, or not Know what you're Meaning, is a deeply Troubling State of Affairs, wouldn't you say? Even more amazing, you'll conform and adjust my words here as you read this to suit the context of where you're at in your own Life, and base your Opinion on me from how you interpret it in Reflection to your Own Experience/Memories/Drama/Crisis/Fantasy/Ambition/etc... So to some UpLifted In Grace and Splendor, I am in "Positive" Articulation and in Jah Works, and considered a Friend.....and to some DownTrodden Out Of Bitterness and Insecurity, I am in "Negative" Speech and in Downstruction of ManKind, and considered an Enemy. Simply, all due to the Embrace, or Perversion, of the Context of the Words that I Bring Forth In Articulation of Complex/Simple Thought. Personally, at this Point of Where I Am At, I am Beginning to Truly Enjoy the Violent & Arrogant & Presumptuous Opposition I Receive (and have always Received since I was a Young Boy) for all that I have Accomplished for I-self in this here Life.....because it Liberates me from the confines of other's own Ambiguity in their own Spiritual/Mental/Emotional/Physical Goals, and Grants I the Pleasure of Being Truly Grateful & Loving, In Ways that the Babylon can't EVER hold down; the way that the Babylon System of Manipulation has done to my Peers & Kindred of Humanity up until this current state of the World TODAY. I've become quite a Clean & Clear Mirror, and It Is is my Robe, Armor, Sword & Shield. I don't have to do ANYTHING! I simply enter a shared space, and people just pick up their own Reflections based on how they Perceive I in their own Physical and Mental Senses! Arjuna In The BattleLines of a Spiritual Warfare. (note the Case-in-Point that most people mean "Religious" when the word "Spiritual" is uttered) Of course, they try to Judge, Slander, and Sabotage me......or try to Mimic/Emulate, Blame, and Use me......."Love" or "Hate" me.......but they just can't Stop Jah Power of Life, so I leave them to their own Works, as I belong to Mine. They are after all, for better or worse, in control of their own Minds... But I still Stand, and Call & Beckon Others to Stand as well, because "Happiness" & "Sadness" are the Means of Motion in a MindState, not some Great Arrival of/for Your Soul.....for these Emotions are but a Fleeting Power that Reflects our Course in Life and can Strengthen The Insight of the Mind, if Patient & Disciplined, and Steady upon the Path. "Positive" & "Negative" is simply the Direction of the Growth. So Pick up on What & How you Read & Interpret your Senses.....can you really Overstand What You're Telling Yourself? One Love Encompasses All In The Omnipotence Of Existing In Experience. "Word, Sound, & Power".... Hailing all ManKind !!


I Feel So Sorry for the Paranoid, who make Assumptions of people's Characters because of their own Inner Scrutinies that they have yet to deal with. I Feel So Sorry for the Prideful, who are too Blind to Recognize Genuine Kindness, and simply Assume the worst in people by postulating Pretentiousness onto their Kindred Humanity, because they haven't figured out What Is Going On Simultaneously In Many Facets of Reality, due to their configured Narrow Minded Confines of Limited Explorations of Cultures and Locations. I Feel So Sorry for the Weak of Heart.............who still haven't made Love the Foundation for All Actions..........and are still too Short-sighted to See with Three Eyes that It's All We Are and Have Ever Been.....and Will Continue to Be. It's just so Sad.......Desperate......and Pathetic. They Know Who They Are Inside......but still Pervert The Context. A Gesture of a Friendship and Raspect in a Handshake became their Empty Sign of Betrayal......and an Expression as True & Pure as a Kiss became a Motive of Rape......and Constructive Encouragements have become Disgraced by their Arrogance In Stunted Growth and Credulity in Wicked Conceptions of HereSay and Vanity. Jealousy and Insecurity motivating them towards Thievery. They'll steal everything you are: Soul, Style, Song, Love, Poetry, Intentions, Characters.....and Exploit It for their Own Temporal Illusions of Gain, in Feign Performances of Personality they've not cherished. Glory Builders.....Soul Seekers. Looking always outside for God, and for Soul. Losing Their Footing in the Balance of WithIn & WithOut. They've Built a Corrupt and Detestable Empire, with Changing Names and Changing Lies.......all to Downstroy the Workers Of Goodness & Love On This Earth. And still, In Spite of Love, and Despite the Obvious, they choose to abrasively pervert it further by sustaining the Pestilence in Mockery of Moral Value and All That Is Good..........and Create Hysteria Through Their Own Convoluted Distortions of their Deluded Self-Images........as they're Truly Intimidated By The Light of The Ones Who Have Been Chosen To Live In The Fire Unburnt. Lust and Dominance has taken over Social & Romantic Relationships........Numbers & Materialism have become the Idols of their Children....and they Demand More than they have already been Given.......which is Opportunity to Experience This Existence Whole Heartedly. Deceptive, Paranoid, Immoral, Disloyal, and Bigoted. A DisGrace throughout the Eons........and in Ions. A Blaspheme Display of Free Will and a Heart so Weakened by it's own Neglected Intentions To Live, Love & Experience. And still........at this cutting age of Civility, Knowledge and Technology......they glamorize the Temporal, and Dishonor Our Ancestral Kin.... Yet, We Still Speak As Clear As Day, but they do not Remember How To Listen.........because they've Deafened their Abilities to Hear in the Night's Manic Hysteria and Emotional Delusions of Grandeur.........so they ClaimSay that I and I Who Are In Purity of Heart and Wash Our Hands Clean In Our Own Doings&Works.......are the Crooked, Insane, UnTrustworthy........and deem us UnWorthy Of Common Decency and Equal Raspect. They'll Defile Our Joy and Smile, but Desperately Beg Us for a Smile while Scorning us when the Feel The Weight of a Frown. And they even after they Defile Our Goodness for their Cheap Ego Sensationalisms.....they even throw in our Faces the Insults and DisHonesty that We're Ignorant.......because of Our Ancient and Cosmic Perceptions of our Humanity that they have Long Forgotten. "Kneel Low, Indigo...."

! ! ! ! ! ! !

All Warriors, Priests, and Traitors Be Still !! Jah Is Conscious Love of the Infinite, Seen? MorningStar pulled I-ration Creation Towards The Depths of Fear Because "For Every Action, there Is an I-qual and yo(U)-pposite Reaction. - One shouldn't Jump in the Water if One can't Swim Thank Goodness when One Learns to Swim... ...But Don't Swim Out of Reach.... ........One mustn't Swim Out of Reach.... - Curse of Babylon ... - But Sisterly is Stronger than Motherly in terms of Social Constructions, & With Infinite Time WE, I and I, can achieve Peace on Earth TOGETHER without Fear or Intimidation. ForIver Yes, I So Remember Your Mother, La Tierra Remember Your Father

First Album

Greetings to Jah People!

To each and every one of you!

We have yet to put together our first LP, "Roots & Herbs", for the meantime. Honestly don't know when we will be finished... But hopefully you dig the Vibrations once we lay it down and are able to share it with you.

Give Thanks and Praise for this Opportunity to Experience this Existence.

Jah Rastafari.

Peace In Jah Love...