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Foxxwashington / Blog

Summertime San Diego!!!!

Come & have a good time in the Gaslamp with Foxxashington!!!! Enjoy a cigar or not @ Ceasars Cigar Lounge on 5th & Island. You may even get to meet the President of the MGM Grand of Las Vegas tonite. FoxxBabbbbyyyyyy!!!!


Its been tried & tested that some people are trying to provoke me into an physical altercation. While I'm working though thats the last thang on my mind but it is getting old with dudes walking up disrespecting me & what I do. From now on its going down regardless of who you are so be ready to get your hat handed to to you if you get at foul. I'm gonna make it my business to hire bodyguards and the Homie's are just waiting for this BS to start up so bewarned.

New Video's & Photo's Beening Uploaded

The work is easy but you have to stay plugging even when things seem like they are going good. One thang I've learned in the last 6 months is that regardless how good thangs are going you have to keep your name & face out there in the streets. Much Love To All My Fans, LBZ