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NorthernBandit / Blog

New Project soon " Freeman (not a ghost)

Howdy y'all, just a quick note to say STAY TUNED...Victor Snow and I are starting a new song together...heres a taste of the Lyric and if you wish take a view of the scratch version of the song here on video...it is live and not so pristine with no effects, just me, my voice and the Jazz...but I promise you Victor and I will put our all in it so...please Stand By for the future! I will keep you posted! Freeman Written By: NorthernBandit aka.Burt K Arthur 3/7/2013 I was but a pauper a servant I did toil Tended to all life’s needs for others not my own But then one day I was set free from this tale of woe So now I labor unto myself a freeman not a ghost Desperate times for desperate minds Time will surely tell The green grass the other path my soul will choose to roam If by chance or if by fate my future is anew The only thing that one can say, blessed are the few When I finally find my way I will not be alone Others have passed by here stepped on this sacred ground No matter how I survive the truth will show As for me the same is for you… Stand up and fight like hell I was but a pauper a servant I did toil Tended to all life’s needs for others not my own but then one day I was set free from this tale of woe so now I labor unto myself a freeman not a ghost not a ghost not a ghost

Heads Up!

Did you ever have the thought...'so much fun so little time' ? Well truth be known and I think we all find out about this sooner or later is Life ain't always 'A stroll in the Park' but that's what they used to tell me when I was a kid, they'de say that " it builds character" and kinda like when we used to be told to eat our vegetables..."it will put hair on your chest" Now I don't really know what that has to do with having fun but the one thing I can tell you is unless you make the fun happen it probably won't come your way...it's like meeting people, you actually have to search them out and talk to them. Now the Fun part comes when you do something that you enjoy and it's something your more likely to do again because of the way it makes you feel. Music is my go to in that regard...so the saying "so much fun too little time" actually applies. I don't get to "Bang On The Drum All Day" I don't think I really want to do that anyway but the fact is I create and write and play because it is Fun! I hope y'all feel the same way about what ever it is you do that makes it fun! Peace.

You gotta be a McGiver... ( long I sound )

...You have probably read a story or two...Jeff Lynne of ELO fame just had a post on Facebook about the creative expression afforded to the artist when recording live musicians. It's pretty cool if you think about it...if you are looking for something organic or synthetic all you have to do is use you imagination...Recording music is much like painting a picture...if you remember that you will have every color available to you as far as sound is concerned...if you need drums and you don't have any...pound on a box, if you need some reverb...climb into the shower and record your vocals there...if you don't want a really clean sound...just turn up some room fans or open up the windows for back ground noise. Like Jeff was saying and I've read it many times sometimes the studio your in just can't give you the options you are looking for even with all the high end expensive gear that should deliver the goods for you...that's when you resort to you own resources, don't be afraid cause no one will know but you and who ever else in in volved...you will be so surprised...so go out there and bang on some sticks...do any of you remember the Wobble Board on the Australian song from the Sixties 'Tie me Kangaroo Down' well that was designed error...and it made such a neat sound they just had to use it on the recording...so there you have...be inventive my friends...be inventive.

Whats happening today...the rest of your life!

As I am sitting hear this morning feeling the sun on my face as it rises up to meet us, I am watching Tom Pettys 30th Aniversary concert on Youtube and I have but one thing to say...Wow. I use that alot and you know I don't even care cause it says exactly what I mean. now some will say can't you be any more complicated but you know there are somethings that you just don't need to elaborte on...Petty is one of those. He and his band are one of those examples of Rock Radio that nail the experience so completely you forget where your at because it takes you to that special place called entertainment. There are a lot of bands that do that and there are alot that don't. I guess the whole point in mentioning this is that in the world of the creative artist there is a number of roads you can take, stay on a path of popular music...or be adventgard and step on the otherside of the norm and then there is every shade inbetween...Untill you try an idea and flesh it out it is only a guess however at some point in your experience of writing you may fall on a formula but beware...it is only as good as the moment you are in...Petty has always had the ablity to go to the next level with out losing his past and at the same time letting go just enough to keep it fresh. I suppose my whole point here is not to just keep talking about Tom...though I could but the fact is he has been a great inspiration to me over the years and I love him and the band for being that for me! I am my own engine and my wheels just keep turning and so as with all these things said, I look foreward to putting together some new ideas...cause Rock and Roll ain't ment for the closet...so come with me if you will down the road...get your feet dusty and feel your self a bit parched and get wet when the rain falls cause you as a listener get the glory of the experience being involved in the song, the story and the Rock of it all...Peace to you all!

Check out the Band "Shadow of the Flag"

I don't know any better way to say this except all you out there in America and the World need to open up the air waves for this group a guy's from Pennsylvania...Shadow of the Flag...Hard Rockin meaningfull pure musician drive Rock! Be sure to lisen to the song 'Break the fall' It is Awesome! Peace and good Rockin always!

One More Day

Publication notice: ‘One More Day’ To let you know that I am releasing tonight July 21 2014 in conjunction with my Co-Writer Victor Snow the release of our collaboration...a brand new song I penned June 19th titled 'One More Day'. We are both very excited about the song and hope you will give a listen like all good Rock Kids would do...be sure to turn it up. Special note is I am Dedicating this song to a fellow musician and friend who lives in Dundee Scotland...Ken Bruce. Fact of the matter he is a kin...d soul and I would like to honor him in our publication this evening. Song Title: One More Day Written by: Burt K. Arthur June 19 2014 / Co-written By: Victor Snow July 20 2014 Burt Arthur performs Vocals, Fender Jazz Bass and Gibson Les Paul STP. Victor Snow...Producer and Arranger, performs Piano, Hammond Organ, Percussion, Acoustic Guitar, Synth Cello *My sincere thanks to Victor and Kenneth for their support and friendship **I Dedicate this song to our friend Kenneth Bruce ***My everlasting gratefulness to all my supporters, Thank you!

One More Day

One More Day… …as I sit at the dentist office waiting on my son who has an appointment the day after I had just finished laying down the Bass and Lead guitar for the final mix of my new song many thing come creeping in…staring at the blank wall in front of me I opt for a look see at an ‘Entertainment’ magazine and finds a story about Weezer, Weezer of all bands not a bad thing but I soon realized for all the years I heard about them and their name I knew nothing about them at all…but that’s ok…the story generally was about their current effort to put together a new album and the trials and tribulations getting back together writing and recording new material…They are a Rock band aren’t they? Anyway the theme was right so here goes… I think I’ve spent my whole music non-career lusting after the essence for Rock music…yes I listened to more POP and TOP40 in my youthful days before I knew what it meant to hear and feel the meat of a power chord and effect of a great vocal scream ( like Roger Daltry ) but as I was thinking it hadn’t occurred to me what genre of music this new song would belong to…as I was sitting waiting in the dentist office today the music they were piping in was so homogenized I had to stop and ask myself, did I step outside the bounds of Rockdom? None the less, this song, ‘One More Day’ hinges on the very thing I believe in music…the power of all of the elements taking charge and portraying the energy of the motion of a feeling, the expression of the idea and the story well told. I’m convinced…I didn’t leave anything out…but you’ll need to be the judge of that! …Due to be released in the next couple of days, be on the lookout for the new song called ‘One More Day’ written by Burt K. Arthur, co-written by Victor Snow…

One More Day song Release notice

Greetings, It is hard to believe its been a whole month since I began this project, yesterday July 20th the 'Tape was in the can' so to speak concerning the final mix on my new song 'One More Day' Co-Writtened, Arranged, Produced and played on by none other then my friend Victor Snow. This song is Dedicated to our mutual friend from Dundee, Scotland... Kenneth Bruce. Thank you Ken for the great inspiration and conversation during our journey. Please stay tuned...it is coming!

New Song "One More Day'

...as denoted 'Spoiler Alert' here, the song is getting closier to compleation, It is exciting to see the developement of the track from it's origin which was from a simple acoustic guitar and vocal structure...to, well you'll just have to wait...thanks for staying tuned! Peace.

Thank You!

A note to those of you who rushed and took a listen and read alittle about my efforts to be entertaining for you...it is about music, style, the personnal effort and the sharing of ideas that makes Rock and Roll great...again thank you!