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FallsStart / Blog


The week prior to DelandaPalooza 2014 I went looking for filmography to develop FallsStart. My primary goal was to have something for band evaluation, a visual and audio example to find our weak spots. If we were lucky I hoped for a video to use in our press kit, a way to help us get our next show, or if it was really good something that could take us to the next level. We ended up with so much more.

A little context...

DelandaPalooza is a day long outdoor festival with 25+ stages and over 150 acts. DalandaPalooza 2014 used an additional four stages just to accommodate the amount of acts this year. Standing anywhere, music entered my ears from all directions creating a chaotic symphony from four or five performances simultaneously. I walked up to the stage of acts I enjoyed, and listened to their music exclusively. Great experience with amazing bands from all over Florida.

Thank you MWTV from FallsStart

Devon of MWTV is exceptional. The booking was last minute and her other crews were busy working various projects. Devon with a no quit and never fail attitude operated several cameras at once. She went above and beyond for us and we are extremely pleased with the results delivered from the outdoor event under pressure.

Once again, thank you Devon. You delivered much more than a video of our performance, you provided inspiration.




FallsStart Evolution

Since our 2012 release we have been very busy and have decided to take our musical career from the live performance direction more seriously.

Seeya at a local bar/club/festival/alley!

Our Summer Upcoming Release

Wow I can't believe Our Summer will be released in just three months. We had a really great time making this upcoming record and I can't wait for you guys to hear it! In the interim please tell us what you think of our first music video. We've come a long way but I know we have a very long way to go and your feedback is one of the best tools we can use to make us better. Thank you all.



Well the CD is out, you can get it on iTunes and several different stores! Check out www.fallsstart for more information, too :) -FS