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Darrell Harwood / Blog

Johnny N Junes

http://johnnynjunes.com/ this Saturday night get ready to party with DH and the boys


Looking forward to working on some new original tunes tonight. It’s a long process that has to be done but the magic that these guys can do is amazing. I have been so blessed with some very good song writers and a band that is so talented that I can’t thank them all enough. I am already excited with what’s about to take place and the songs that I have picked will fit the wild and loving DH crowd to a tee. Stay tuned to DH radio for an update soon

Friday night party

Ready to be on Top of the Rock this Friday bring your friends for a good time and enjoy some country music with DH


I can’t wait till everybody can see what’s in the works for the New Year’s Eve show. This could be the biggest kick off since I’ve started I wish I could share more detail but I guess you will just need to be there. One hint it will take place at River City at 12:30pm 2014 you don’t want to miss this. Tickets are now available so please get yours now while supplies last. Contact Eric Upton for your tickets (704-433-7988) or contact Holly @ (704-280-5190) for all the hotel packages and meal deals

Acoustic Show

Looking forward to Thursday night and having a big time with friends and family at Onemor in Concord


Help spread the word the DH page needs all the likes it can get please share with friends https://www.facebook.com/pages/Darrell-Harwood/142680609086300?ref=hl

What day is it

It’s time to CRANK UP SOME DH ONE FOR THE MONEY TWO FOR THE HONEY AND THREE FOR THE DOOR As loud as you can have a great HUMP DAY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0z1pvckJe2o


What do people really care about

Still a few of my original CD’s left

http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/darrellharwood Makes for a good holiday gift and stocking stuffers and then the new CD will be out the first of the year

You help decide

Darrell Harwood’s first album you help me decide what should be my first BIG SINGLE for 2014 1. One for The Money, Two For The Honey and Three For The Door 2. Crime I Didn’t Do 3. Our Thing 4. Momma I Hate To See You Cry 5. Hope I Get To Heaven Before The Devil Knows I’m Dead 6. Love You More 7. Glad My Dad Whooped My A$$ 8. Momma’s Running Moonshine 9. Fixer Upper 10. She Goes Out With A Bang