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Aira Winterland / Blog

I don't want to see violence around the world anymore

Please friends. We can stop with the suffering in many houses around the world!!! Children in some place of Africa still slave??? Or worst..used as violence instrument?? We need to save the culture of all places of the world. We need to protect our brothers. Peace and love Aira

Music as message prayer

We are the one We are good in essence We need each other We need love And this is what it matters in the end...and in the beginning when you awake to keep walking again. Peace and Love. Creation and art Flower and smiles Kindness and honor Earth/Us With love Aira

Number 1 in N1M

Hi...i'm very glad. My song Waterfall reached the top in the Numberonemusic.com. in all genres. Nice...Very nice. Love Aira

Thanks Everybody

I reached the top five in all genres with my song THE WINTER OF LOVE on the Number One Music Independent Site . I payed nothing for this. I'm very glad to see my song in this level without no resource. Thank you. Love. Aira

Musical Revolution

Hi singer songwriters friends. We need to make a new musical revolution like seventies but with our own way through independent musician friends. We still need to scream : NO WAR...do you believe it? Well...it's true. No corruption, no violence, no racism. We can do that through our alliance into the music. Peace always Aira

Thunder Of Rain

Take a look at my new room video. I hope you like. Recorded with cel. Peace and Love Aira Winterland

New song

Take a look at my new song...The Music is my Soul..I Hope you like...Peace. Aira

Empty Soul

New Video. Recorded at my room. Aira

How Many Lives

Take a Look at my acoustic song "How Many Lives". Hope you like. Aira