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Stars of Tomorrow

Next Concert on the 13th of December at the Yard Club of Die Kantine in Cologne!


-----New dates are confirmed!

On the 5th of october we will play at Live Club Ahorn with the amazing STEORRAH, History Of Sky and COROVA!

Tickets available for only 5€!

No excuses possible.

Last Night we reached it.

Last Night we reached it. We thank you for: ---666 Likes on Facebook!

Thanks to everyone of You for help us reach more people with our music. We want to give you something back. All the likes you give us, every share you do means a lot to us. What some of you have done and said to us in the last couple of weeks lets us know, that we have the best reason to never stop what we are doing.

So what will you expect there? Look at our galleries- Listen to our songs- Share everything we have done so far.

We are striving for quality with all we have.

So- Look forward to come to our next concert.

All the best

-Calibre Infinite-

Upcoming concerts

Again we want to thank everyone of you for your responses and support to our work. We can not even write the feelings down you give us with your words.

But we can show it to you:

NOW! We want to present you the dates for our upcoming concerts.

29.05.2013 @ KUBANA, Siegburg

11.08.2013 @ Blueshell, Cologne

There are more shows to come. We hope to see a lot of your there!

All the best to you, stay connected!

-Calibre Infinite-

There is much more to come!

Nearly 300 plays - on "The Star" Plus More than fifty likes. Within ONE WEEK!

We thank you very much for your overwhelming response to our work! - Thank you for every single message you´ve sent us - We really appreciate every single word you wrote!

There is more to come - May there be a lot more new People to reach!


Have an amazing week!

IMPERICON Photostream

Well then! Here is the Impericon.de Photostream of the Circle Pit Festival 2012. - Someone took very great pictures there, did he? http://www.flickr.com/photos/impericon/8336774465/in/set-72157632408656543

New Song "The Star" released now!

"THE STAR" is now released! - on every social network we are on. Listen to it - Share it - follow us - MUCH More to come in the near future. So be prepared, If you like it LIKE our page: http://www.facebook.com/CalibreInfinite

- and get every news instantly!