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IATS 3 Day Mini Tour Day 3: Austin, TX

It took me a little to write this. As soon as we got home it was back to reality. Reality of families, kids, work, shooting the music video and ideas for what’s next. The days being on the road had us asking one question: “Are that good?” Its question that asked ourselves over and over […]

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IATS 3 Day Mini Tour Day 2: Houston, Tx

I’m left speechless. We have something. I cant put my finger on it. Houston last night was awesome. Our set was a little fast and had to limit our set time a little, but nonetheless it was an awesome night. After our set there was people to the side I wasnt aware of during our […]

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3day minitour Day 1: Harlingen, Tx

Hey, Harlingen kicked so much ass! What a night. We played at 1am and people still stood to watch us perform. Going on this little roadtrip we knew we had to bring our best to the table. There is so much talent in Texas that is not heard or seen. Last night we experienced just […]

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Limited time give away of “Reveal Yourself”

Hey everyone, So we decided this week we give away our EP.  We just want everyone to hear and pass it around to all their friends! We feel we have something good on our hands. It would mean the world to us to download our EP and share it. Remember to like our Facebook, twitter […]

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I am the seer @ Texas Motor Speedway. WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We have some great news! We have been selected as one of twenty semi-final bands in the “Texas Motor Speedway Fast Track to Fame Big D NYE Competition.” If we win we get to play Big D NYE (bigdnye.com) in Dallas on New Year’s Eve but we need your help! We need you to vote […]

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Curt Mangan Strings Endorsement

Hello, We are so happy to announce that today we are officially endorsed by another great company. The great people over at Curt Mangan have decided to endorse us with strings. Please welcome them to our I am the seer family. Check out their website! http://www.curtmangan.com

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Clayton, USA Guitar Picks

Using Clayton picks has is an awesome experience. Clayton Picks have been the best picks I’ve used on my guitar strings. They provide the tone I need to get the crunch I want when picking!   I cannot wait to do more with Clayton USA! Stay tuned folks!!!

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Texas Run News

So as you may know. We will be hitting up our home state with a couple of shows! We are so excited to be finally getting out of San Antonio for a little bit to explore other venues and cities. If you ever want to see play somewhere! Just tell us! Below you can find […]

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San Antonio Music Awards Go Vote for I AM THE SEER

Hey everyone take time to go vote for us in this year’s San Antonio Current Music Awards. This would mean the world to us! Please help us out. Thank you again for all your support! Everyone can vote. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world! Go to www.sanantoniomusicawards.com 1.Best Vocalist: Bryan Gonzalez- I […]

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Reveal Yourself: EP Review

HTP REVIEW By Max Puhala I Am The Seer – Rock, Alternative, EasyCore, Pop Punk, Ambience – San Antonio, Texas When I was thirteen, I remember going to the record store and buying my first ever Green Day album. Then, during my Freshman year of high school, I remember borrowing “From Here to Infirmary” by […]

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