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Jeansweet Chang / Blog

perform where

I'm not a performer but I'm sure a lot of you are out there and what I'd like to know is where are some places in the world you would love to see yourself performing at one day?


Hello fellow musicians if you just happen to get famous one day and get to work with someone you never thought you could never believe you would who would that be? I would like david foster, richard marx, shania twain, or aretha Franklin.


hi everyone. what kind of impact do you hope your music makes in the world. most of my songs are love songs so i hope they are able to keep strong relationships stay together or hopefully start some.

what else do you do?

I'm curious what everyone has a side job as you continue to pursue on music career or if it's the opposite way also. Bc with me it doesn't pay much but it still deals some what what i enjoy and that's freelancing for other people. I write what people can't seem to come up themselves and that mostly lyrics for songs. So what does everyone else do?

help me out please

I noticed that some people out there in the world actually like my songs enough to buy, download, and stream my songs. I want to see how much more truly appreciates my songs but I don't know what else to do besides networking to reach more people wether it be by fb, twitter, tumblr, spotify, or any other websites. I guess the only thing I can do is share this and hope that you have the heart to listen to my songs and that you like it too enough to buy it too and share with your family and friends and start a large enough network to keep it going. So please take a listen and share and if you do happen to enjoy it feel free to buy, download and or stream it. Ty

please support my music

Please support my music week #5: http://youtu.be/SUKgcrNnZ8Y


Sorry I haven't been posting until. I was busy spending time with my family for the holidays. That got me thinking how hard is it for artists like urseleves to balance family and friends with music career? With me if you didn't noticed family is very important. I have two nephews and one niece that I can only see when they come over whenever they can so I would take all the time that I have with them. So music would always come second compared to them. How you guys?

when did you know?

When did you learn that what you do with music was what you wanted to do? With me it was high school. I was in choir class all year but I wanted to do more then just sing. So I started writing my own lyrics. They weren't really great until after college. And I made my first song in 2012. I would like to work with other people and see if I can write lyrics they would be proud they came from me. But anyway when did you learn that what you do with music was what you wanted to do?


This one doesn't have to be just for the people that want to be famous because I want to know what fans think. Ok is image necessary? For example do you have to dress weird like lady gaga, or hear news about miley Cyrus and moonshine just get your music heard and recognized?


I was thinking about inspirations and was curious what inspired you all to do what you love for music? I've always love music ever since I heard my very first favorite singer who is a hmong singer. I was probably only 4 or 5 years old or maybe even younger then that. I would sing along to all her songs whenever my mom put her on in the car. Later on l grew to love michael Jackson, Richard marx, Whitney Houston and so on. I love everything about American music and how talented all those people were. Especially how some of them are able to come up with their work. I just wanted to be like them. So how about you? What inspired you to love music?