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Jeansweet Chang / Blog


I wish to make more music and it would be great to do it with all my fans help. So check out this link if you think my music is good enough and that you can help and lend a hand. Thanks.



i realized i didn't put up the right link so everyone probably couldn't be able to download my music for so long. i'm extremely sorry and trust me it's hurting me more then you think. well i think i put up the right one this time hopeful u r able to enjoy them now. again i'm sorry.

tunecore media player

feel free to join my fan club on my tunecore media player. and please share it with ur friends.

i'm not a performer

i'm so glad you like my music but please understand i am not doing the singing. all of it is done by professionals. i only come up with the lyrics and sometimes how the vocal parts go but it's not me you are listening to. i'm so sorry for the misunderstanding.

new song

check out my new song.

new song

i have a new song coming out soon. it's a song about people with strong relationships. so if you're in a strong relationship this song is for you.

i don't deserve all the credit

i'm glad i'm getting you all as fans but i hope you understand it's not me singing. i only wrote the lyrics. everything else is done professionally. i'll understand if you don't want to be my fans any more.

my love of music

i could never play any instruments because i'm handicapped with the whole entire right side of my body. but i was able to do one thing and that was to sing. i always loved to sing ever since i was a child. my very first favorite singer was probably a female hmong singer. i would always sing along with all her songs when my mom put her on. as i grew older i learned about american music from my older brother. he and our cousin would constantly listen to this group all 4 one with the song "i swear." then i began hearing about great artists like michael jackson, richard marx, and whitney huston. i just began singing along to everything they sang. but the time music became my life was probably third grade. my music teacher gave me my very first voice testing in front of my classmates and i messed up on the lyrics but he didn't let that stop me. and that i thank him.