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Cathleen Ireland and theFIVE6 / Blog


I love band rehearsal! Lucky for me I'm in a band! The process of creating something totally new and unique is so fulfilling there is nothing else more fun for me. I love experimenting with different ways of songwriting too. Over the past 3 years I have found inspiration in so many different ways and through many different individuals. Sometimes I start with words and melody and my guitar player and co-writer, G (aka Jim Held) will add the musical arrangement but I also love writing to someone else's music. Usually it is G that provides me with a musical palette for me to lyrically and melodically paint my picture. And it's a good thing I paint with music because I possess no other artistic ability. We have also, on occasion, been able to craft a song out of a bass line (written by our bassist, Al Peden or my nephew Liam Kress) or a simple guitar riff. I would love to hear how other musicians sculpt their creations and find inspiration as I am looking forward to crafting many, many more with my band mates in theFIVE6 and other friends.


Well hello. I've never actually blogged before and for that matter I'm not even sure that "blog" is a verb but what the hell. I write songs...well lyrics and melody anyway but yet I am very uncomfortable with social media and well...blogging because I can't believe anyone would want to hear what I have to say. I hope that isn't true since I am writing songs and I want people to listen to them but I am much more comfortable with that medium like a very insecure person might hide behind big sunglasses or baggy clothes. Yes, I am insecure. Very much so in fact. When I walk into a room I usually look around and think..."I shouldn't have worn this"...or "I'm not comfortable. I probably shouldn't have had those 5 gluten-free Oreos for lunch today". Oh well...c'est moi. Out of this shortcoming comes a vulnerability I hope comes across in my music and that others can relate to in my lyrics.