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Coast2coast Judging show

PWJazy has a show at The Dragonfly club in Santa Monica CA on 4/14/14 around 9pm. It's coast2coast judging event. Dope music.

Cross Mentality

2nd album released, "Cross Mentality". Check it out, PWJazy tunes. www.cdbaby.com/cd/pwjazy4 or www.itunes.com/pwjazy. Take a journey.

Big Noise Promotion

http://www.bignoisenow.com/bignoise13blast/pwjazy2013blast.html Curtesy of "Big Noise"

Managers site

Check out managers site-- www.bignoisenow.com/pwjazy.html


Live footage from my show. It's "Conquer" spred the Punk-------------


Dope music for a good day---------


Music for tears & happyness. Peace to all-----

Dope Tunes

?p peeps. Got some really weird punked out tunes! Crazy dope!

Music power

My music atmosphere gets stronger & more obsorbed in me the more I practice & listen to my songs. Music is a wander.

PWJazy Show

Got my first show at The Vu in Santa Clarita CA Oct 29th at 9:30pm. (Alternative /Punk).